Start Each Day with Thoughts of Random Acts of Kindness

Once you get over the hour and half commute to work or how your boss or husband has you fuming mad, you can start to get outside yourself and think of what I call random acts of kindness. This is you building the foundation and creating your own karma. You don’t have to spend money for random acts of kindness; you may need to spend some of your time. Just some random thoughts on how you can start.

Give blood. It saves millions of lives, maybe even your own one day.

Volunteer at soup kitchen and serve food to the hungry.

Make sure you work at least once in your life at habitat for humanity. You will get so much more from the experience by giving then even the folks getting the actual house.

Give flowers out of your garden to someone. Grow sunflowers and hydrangias they are cheap colorful and fun.

Mail an actual card with a stamp to say “Hey I am thinking about you”. It doesn’t have to be for a specific holiday or event.

Help an older person carry their groceries or cross the street or just lend them a hand.

Give a tiny gift to someone when they are not expecting it. Even your postman. It doesn’t have to be for your best friend. What you are saying is “thank you for the work you do, you have helped me or touched my life in some way.”

Call a friend when they are feeling down.

Search out philanthropic events that interest you. If you have the time and money go all out.

Donate your last season clothing or clothing that no longer fits to goodwill or charity.

Become a candy striper at your local hospital, or just volunteer some time.

Try to keep an open mind about other people’s points of view, political opinions and beliefs, religious beliefs, social beliefs. Not everyone is exactly like you so learn to have tolerance and concern for others that are different. Try to always see the glass half full and be an optimist even when things are not going your way. Become a good listener to your friends, clients, family etc. this is a free random act of kindness and it can help you and the other person. You have heard the old statement time and again, “what comes around, goes around”. It is so true, bank your karma points, pay it forward and live a rich life.

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