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Cigarette smoking is the most preventable cause of illness and death all over the world. A huge majority of the worlds population smoke cigarettes, and each year more than one million children and adults start smoking cigarettes. Many, out this number die every year from illnesses caused by smoking. People who smoke die earlier than those who do not smoke. The risk of disease increases if you start early in life, and, or have smoked many years

Thinking of quitting the stick and staying healthy might seem really great, but how does this good action benefit you in the long run, is the focus of this discuss. For many people there are some benefits that are immediately obvious. Of course, your clothes and house will smell a lot better, and if you have been a car smoker, your car will start to smell better as well. But, paying a little less attention to these minor reasons, what can you really expect to gain by quitting? The real issues that comes readily to the fore front is your health and ofcourse money which are far greater than any minor smells that cigarettes can give off.

Giving the current economic situation we find ourselves in presently, lets start by looking at the benefits of saving money. Using your calculator to punch out the figures, the summed up figures will show that a one pack a day habit can easily rack up a bill of $30 a week, $120 a month and finally $1,440 in a year. Round this figure up over a period of five, six years and you can only imagine the deep hole smoking leaves in your wallet. This adds up to an enormous amount that is really hard to play down. It is important to be really honest with yourself about how much your cigarettes are costing you, if you are attempting to slash your budget, quitting smoking can go a very long way towards freeing up a lot of money.

While the money is obviously nice to save, there are huge benefits to your health as well. Cigarettes are filled with poison that goes into the lungs when you inhale. Coughing, dizziness, and burning of the eyes, nose, and throat are early signs that smoking is harming you. Research tells us that as little as 45 minutes after you stop smoking you will be able to see a difference in your health. Again if you consider that quitting smoking can help you reduce your risk of heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure, lung cancer, and even breathing complications you have just located a plethora of reasons why smoking really is good to avoid. The research that tells us smoking is bad has proven that just a short period of time after quitting is able to reverse many of the harmful effects that cigarettes have caused, no matter how long you have been a smoker.

For example, if you quit smoking for a period of 5 years, you are no more at risk of a stroke than someone who has been a non-smoker for their entire life. This is huge considering that those who smoke are considered at least twice as likely to suffer a stroke. Additionally, if you quit for 15 years, you can enjoy the same risk of coronary heart disease as a non-smoker as well. While it might seem strange to enjoy the risk for coronary heart disease, it is much better than actually having coronary heart disease. Taking these small victories for your health is important since you will be able to significantly improve your quality of life.

Taking a deeper look into this issue will bring up the fact that Tobacco smoke is dangerous to others. The effect that smoking has on nonsmokers is called “passive smoking”. Nonsmokers who breathe tobacco smoke have the same health risks as smokers. Children who are around tobacco smoke may have more colds, ear infections, or other breathing problems. You must be strong in order to quit smoking. When you decide to quit, you can get help from your caregiver or others. You will learn that there are many ways to stop smoking. Talk to your caregiver about the best method for you when you are ready to quit smoking. Ask your caregiver for more information about how to stop smoking.

Working to decide which benefits are the most motivation for you is not always easy. You need to look at your lifestyle and determine what truly matters for you. Not everyone is concerned about the health benefits, if you find yourself more concerned with the money then focus on what you can save. If you are more determined to improve your health then focus your efforts on the health benefits that stopping smoking for good can really have for you. Ultimately, the reason you choose to quit smoking is up to you, the way you do it will be based around your particular personality and smoking habits. Knowing what your motivating factors are can go a long way towards boosting willpower though, which is always a helpful benefit no matter why you try to quit.

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