Struggling in Your Relationship with God?

Countless people around the world struggle in their relationship with God. In fact, throughout history people of all ages and backgrounds have searched for a relationship with some type of god or gods. People lose jobs, family members get sick, or the unthinkable happens and it drives people to question their own personal foundations. If you find yourself wanting a better relationship with God during tough times, or even an improved relationship, try submitting to God.

One of the first steps to developing a closer relationship with God is to look beyond one’s self. Over the course of a day or two observe your surroundings. That means watch sunrises or sunsets, go hiking, visit a homeless shelter, or watch the news. What you will see is an incredible creation and people who are suffering. By understanding that you are a small piece of life, and that others are going through hard times, you can begin to realize that there is a broader picture than just “me” or “I”.

Another step is to sit down, dust off your Bible, open it, and then begin to read it. The more you are in God’s word the more likely you are to apply it, the more likely you are to understand it, the more likely you are to learn about God’s character. When reading about people in a different time, you will see their experiences, and be able to apply some of the lessons to your own life. Again, this reiterates a grander scheme, a bigger picture, and a growing knowledge of God. By becoming more knowledgeable, you are able to improve your relationship with God.

A third opportunity to improve your with relationship with God is by attending worship and Bible study regularly. These will encourage you by knowing that others are out there doing the same types of things you are. You will see people struggling with stress, struggling with raising children, trouble with finding a job, struggling with poor health, struggling with aging parents. By observing those struggles it provides a sense of community. Additionally by attending worship and Bible study you will gain further knowledge and understanding of God. That increase in knowledge and understanding directly impacts your connection to God.

An additional way to grow in your relationship with God is through others. Invite people from the church you attend over for lunch, dinner, or a place in your area where you all can relax, talk, and have fun. There’s nothing better than building relationships with people who have similar values and goals. You’ll find fostering these relationships will not only encourage you but others around you.

Finally, praying regularly is a key factor in your relationship development with God. How many people do you know well and feel comfortable with that you never talk to? Exactly – it takes time, it takes effort, and it takes diligence to visit with God through prayer. In prayer you can talk about your weakness and struggles, your victories and successes; you can be thankful and make requests. Above all you will be increasing your familiarity with God, and ultimately your relationship with God.

In our world today we are faced with numerous challenges, disappointments, successes, and failures. One of the most helpful things to do is develop a close relationship with God. By challenging yourself to follow the five steps described above anyone can overcome their struggles in their relationship with God.

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