Sugar or Artificial Sweetener’s – Which One is the Healthier?

I know I’m a person who goes into a coffee shop or an eatery and I’ll pick up the pink, blue and yellow packets and then switch my thoughts to possibly trying the real McCoy, sugar. Some people say, “You’ll be a lot healthier if you choose the regular sugar instead of using that “fake” stuff.

I think, “Am I choosing something to kill me or something that will benefit my health.” According to an article by Drs. Oz and Roizen in the Washington Examiner, Page 28, I’ve finely found an answer to my question. They indicated that neither sugar nor sweeteners are poison when they’re eaten in reasonable quantities. This is their point, and they state, that there is nothing that is actually reasonable when it comes to the amount of sugar and syrup that’s added to all different types of the foods we eat, i.e., frozen veggie mixes, baked goods, different foods, bagels, etc. Did you know, Americans eat an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar for breakfast a day and Canadians eat about 14 teaspoons a day.

The Affects On Our Health From Sugar:

This affects our health and it reads like a dirty laundry list: lowering good HDL cholesterol, raising bad triglycerides and gloms onto protein to create a destructive substance which is called AGEs (short for advanced glycation end products). Did you know, this can set a persons body up for heart disease, wrinkles, stiff joints, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, bone fractures and vision loss, and kidney problems? This is enough to make me want to leave sugar alone…I already have the dreaded disease of diabetes and stiff joints.

This is why doctors are on a mission to get sugars out of healthy foods like low-fat yogurt and whole-grain cereals. For this reason, the doctors reluctantly recommend using sweeteners if your not a lover of black coffee or green tea.

You may ask why the reluctance in using sweeteners…No, it’s not that sugar substitutes causes cancer or will make hair grow in weird places? Sweetener’s have been studied a lot more than most drugs. It is a fact though, they subtly mess with how we react to foods.

Sweetener’s Plays Mind Games And Increases Our Waists:

The fact is when we use sweetener’s, it plays mind games with us, by making us think diet sodas clouds common sense, makes us believe the no-cal drink “cancels out” the fat calories of having a burger or a order of fries.

Sweetener’s can make us eat more, not less…this is because no-cal sweeteners don’t register in our brain’s satiety center, and this, instead of satisfying a sweet craving, they’ll send us hunting for something else to eat or nibble on. This will also cause our taste buds to “ping” when they detect sweetness.

Research has linked drinking diet sodas to acquiring a bigger waist. It can be as much as 70 percent bigger than with people who didn’t touch sweetener’s.

There’s also evidence fake sugars and diet sodas does not help a person to lose weight and raise your risk of metabolic syndrome, which precedes heart disease, diabetes and more. Yes, this does make us be hard to get enthusiastic about sweetener’s.

People, if we use a reasonable amount of sugar substitutes, we are not getting that 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. Remember, if we drink diet soda, it is a better choice than regular soda. Many of us who have drank a 12-ounce can of the “real” McCoy has taken in 130 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugar (usually in the form of high-fructose corn syrup). Figure this: A can of regular soda equals 32 pounds of sugar and 49,000 calories a year, this is a 16-pound weight gain.

It’s wise we check the sugar content of what we drink and eat!


The Washington Examiner dated November 27, 2011, Page 28, by Drs. Oz & Roizen

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