‘Supernatural’: It’ll Take You to Hell and Back

Supernatural is the story of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jenson Ackles) Winchester, two brothers who were raised by their father and taught to fight supernatural forces. When their father goes missing they embark on a mission to find him and battle every evil they come across along the way.

When the show first aired on the WB I was interested in watching it but I was still in the phase where I had a hard time keeping up with the shows every week. It wasn’t until the show was well into it’s sixth season that I started watching it with my girlfriend and her sister. We would watch shows together every week and at one point some of our shows went on break and others fell out of interest. Having an empty slot in our lineup we all agreed that after seeing the previews for Supernatural we agreed that we would give it a shot. Not even half way through the season I had already went out and bought seasons two and three. The show was addicting and disc after disc we were left wanting more.

The show starts out with Sam and Dean searching for their missing father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and slowly it snowballs into a much bigger plot. They soon team up with family friend Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) who was a close friend of their fathers and is also a hunter. Along their journey they begin to uncover truths about their past and each other that cause tension in the brotherly relationship. One of the major struggles after season one is being able to trust each other after the various decisions that they make.

One thing I really liked was the soundtrack of season one because it was full of really good songs. Also obviously I’m a big fan of all things supernatural and I really like the effects and makeup that they use in each episode. The effects are actually great for a TV show and the makeup makes the creatures they run into look amazing. Another great contribution is the Impala because it’s such a sweet car and Dean’s undying love for it adds to the comedic moments of the show. Speaking of comedic moments, I like that the creators are able to make fun of themselves by adding little jokes about movies they made or even by making fun of the show and the actors in a full episode. The show is well written and deserves to keep telling the story of Dean and Sam Winchester.

Seriously forget everything else on TV and just tune into Supernatural or go out and pick up the first season on Blu-Ray or DVD because it’s worth it. You can check it out on The CW Fridays 9/8c.

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