Support Occupy Wall Street Now as Only We Will Help the Bottom 99%– Us

The numbers are with us. The propagandists are in full hypocrisy mode. The top 1% are raping us.

The article “CHART: Americans Support Occupy Wall Street, Oppose Tea Party” describes we have the numbers.

The article states “The new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Americans support the Occupy Wall Street protests by a two-to-one margin (37 percent in favor, 18 percent opposed) while more Americans view the Tea Party negatively (28 percent in favor, 41 percent opposed). This means the Occupy Wall Street protests have a net favorability of +19 percent while the Tea Party has a net favorability of -13 percent.”

Other polls show better popularity figures for Occupy Wall Street.

Their rodeo clowns propagandists are out in full force and the red staters buy their swill.

The article “Glenn Beck Tries To Vilify Wall Street Protests, Fails To Disclose His Coordination With Bank Lobbyists And Oil Barons” shows he’ll pitch any scam if he gets paid for it.

The article states “Since Fox News kicked Glenn Beck to the curb a few months ago, the largely forgotten radio blowhard has tried to shore up his radio listenership with a steady stream of authoritarian rhetoric. Increasingly, he is spending more and more time smearing the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations as a “shameless display of moral depravity.”

As Beck plays defense for billionaires and big banks, he conceals quite a bit to his listeners. Beck in fact works hand in hand with the same corporate lobbyists and plutocrats responsible for corrupting our political system.”

The article lists hordes of the most vile fat cats such as the Koch Brothers that Beck is in league with.

The article concludes “Beck’s smears against the 99 Percent Movement benefit the 1 Percent: rich media pundits like himself and his billionaire backers.”

The article’s headline “Report: 25 Percent Of Millionaires Pay Lower Taxes Than 10.4 Million Middle-Class Americans” give us the un-fuzzy math of how the oligarchs are raping us.

GOP goons love to prattle on about higher taxes will hurt small businesses. Regarding this hypocrisy the article states “In direct conflict with a favorite Republican talking point, the report also found that very few business owners are millionaires and “played down the impact of higher tax rates on job creation.” “The small share of taxpayers with small-business income in the millionaire category suggests that tax reform policies designed to ensure adherence to the Buffett Rule will affect few small businesses,” it said. This bolsters the claims from economists and business owners alike that higher tax rates on the rich make “zero difference” in hiring.”

Just like tax increases hurting small businesses GOP goons have other phrases they will recite.

The article “Seven Snappy Comebacks for Those Lame Anti-“Occupy” Talking Points” anticipates this also and offers retorts to GOP lies.

The article states “Lame, pat, pre-packaged putdowns of Occupy Wall Street: We all deal with ‘em, whether we’re arguing with a neighbor, appearing on Fox, or answering the jeers of relatives who’ve just received a chain email that “really puts the protesters in their place.”

Here are a few easy comebacks for your next argument. They cover everything from the supposed “hypocrisy” of demonstrators who buy cardboard (really!) to snarky comments about scruffy-looking anti-capitalists with beards.”

The article “Banking Has Become an Oligopoly Instead of a Competitive Business — And That’s Really Bad News for Us 99%” describes how the banking oligopoly is shafting us.

The article explains “Banking is not really a competitive industry. In reality, it’s more like an oligopoly — a scenario in which an industry is controlled by a small number of firms. An oligopoly is a lot like a monopoly, where one firm controls the whole show. Only in an oligopoly, you have two or more firms calling the shots, and they love to do things contrary to the notion of a free market, like, say, colluding to raise prices.”

The article describes all of their scams and concludes “But with that said, it still seems reasonable to take your money out of the biggest banks that caused the financial crisis and are still harming the economy by not lending, doling out huge bonuses, and screwing customers. The alternative is to find a credit union or small bank, if for no other reason than to give your support to local businesses and to invest in Main Street. You might even end up with fewer fees.”

Support Occupy Wall Street Now. Red staters, the fat cats and those willing to do anything just to get a sniff at the top 1%, will fight us. Will greed or equality prevail?

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