Survivor South Pacific Episode 4

As Survivor South Pacific episode 3 began, Jim approached Cochran proposing that they vote out Elyse next. She was getting a little close to Ozzy, swinging with him in a hammock, and this made Jim nervous. In Survivor, when you have two people that are super close, it can be a formidable alliance.

Over at Upolu, Brandon apologized to Mikayla for having an angry outburst with her earlier. He also apologized her to Edna and let her know that there was a core five, and not a core six like she had originally thought. It seems like he is sincere and well-meaning, but many of his tribemates don’t fully buy it.

After Treemail arrived, it was time to send people to go watch the duel. All of the players received swimsuits with Treemail. Dawn was fairly happy about getting a swimsuit, because she was uncomfortable swimming with other people while wearing just her underwear. Cochran and Jim volunteered to go see the duel for Upolu. Edna and Brandon went for Savaii.

The Redemption Island Duel

At the duel, Brandon apologized to Christine about the way that he played during the game. Christina said that she accepted the apology, but she wasn’t sure if he was sincere or not. For the duel, the Redemption Island survivors had to throw sandbags onto ten different boxes. Christine took an early lead, but Papa Bear tied the game, with nine boxes for each of them. Christine ended up throwing the final sandbag on the last box, winning. Papa Bear left fairly cheerfully, saying that he had wanted to play the game since he first saw the show, and he was happy that he had had the opportunity to play.

Back at Camp

Edna decided that since she was not part of the core five, that it was time to step up her social game. She engaged in conversation with her tribemates. Mikayla and Stacy were turned off by her talkativeness, along with her laugh. Knowing that he wasn’t even in the alliance of six like Edna was, Cochran talked to Dawn after he returned from the duel. Not only were he and Jim concerned about Ozzy, but Dawn was also concerned.

The Survivor Challenge

The immunity and reward challenge had been recycled from a previous season. Three people would be weight bearers for each tribe, holding up a pole on their shoulders. Each round, one of the other players would add weight to their pole. It was up to the other tribe to determine who was going to get the weight. Keith dropped the first weight for the Savaii team. Albert from Upolu fell next. Jim and Brandon were loaded with 240 pounds, breaking the Survivor record of 220 pounds. Stacy and Dawn were the last two hanging on. Stacy dropped her weights, giving Savaii the win. Because she was one of the oldest players, Dawn needed to help her team win this challenge, in order to prove that she was strong. In addition to winning immunity, Dawn won some chickens for her tribe.

Scrambling After the Challenge and the Vote

Stacy, knowing that she was outside of the core alliance, scrambled after the challenge, telling Brandon about a secret alliance outside of the core six; Brandon believed what she was telling him and went to Coach with the details. Coach told him that he couldn’t believe everything that he was told, especially when the person talking to him was on the chopping block.

At Tribal Council, they discussed how Russell was Brandon’s uncle. Brandon said that he loved his uncle, but he was a completely different person, and he wanted to make God proud. He said that he wanted to reclaim the Hantz name, because Russell didn’t make his family look very good. Brandon became very emotional while talking about it.

When it came time to vote, everybody voted for Stacey, except for Stacey, who voted for Edna. After the vote was announced, they wanted to give Stacey a hug, but she refused, saying that it wasn’t real.

When Stacey arrived at Redemption Island, she had a very sour attitude. This whole season has been full of people being voted out with bad attitudes. Both Semhar and Christine had a bad attitude after they were voted out. Perhaps one of the reasons why they were voted out in the first place was because of their bad attitudes.

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