Survivor South Pacific Episode 5

Stacey came to Redemption Island at the beginning of Survivor South Pacific Episode 5. She and Christina were friends; Christina said upon seeing her that she was hoping that her friend wouldn’t show up. Stacy told her friend that Coach was running things. She said that they were all going to go “to hell with gasoline drawers on.” Stacey had the intention of telling the other tribe about everything that was going on during the duel.

In the morning, Brandon woke up his tribemates. Treemail had showed up, and it was time to send some people over to watch the duel. Albert and Mikayla went to observe for Upolu, while Dawn and Whitney went to watch for Savaii.

The Duel

Before the duel began, Stacey told everybody that Benjamin was running the team (she would not refer to him as Coach) and that they all were liars. Stacey said that “Benjamin” liked to tell “Chuck E. Cheese and Halloween jokes”. “Sour grapes” whispered Albert to himself.

For the duel, the Christina and Stacey had to send balls down a chute. They had to pick up the balls after they came out of the other end; the balls would alternate the side that they would come out. Over time, they would add more balls to the challenge. If they dropped a ball, then they were out. Stacey dropped a ball and lost, allowing Christine to stay in the game for a few more days.

Life at Camp

Cochran worked hard, bringing in wood, while Ozzy and Elyse were still laying down. While they were resting, Dawn and Whitney came back from the duel. They told them what Stacy said during the merge. Ozzy said that Coach should get rid of Albert first, being a strong player.

Later that day, Ozzy and Cochrane went out fishing together. Ozzy caught 11 fish while in the boat. Although he had the ability to catch fish, he also spent a lot of time sleeping around the camp, which Cochran was sure to take note of.

At Upolu, Albert remembered what Stacy said during the duel, and figured that he better start looking for the hidden immunity idol. He found the clue, but couldn’t find the idol. He gave the information to his allies Whitney and Coach, and Coach ended up finding the idol.

The Survivor Challenge

For the challenge, the tribe had to chew off pieces of a roast pig, with their hands tied behind their back. They had to take the pieces of the pig and fill a basket. The team that was able to pick up the most meat in ten minutes would win. Savaii picked up 22 pounds, 12 ounces of meat, while Upolu picked up 22 pounds, 14 ounces of meat. Upolu won immunity, bread, vegetables, and spices, plus all of the meat that they collected. They were going to wash off the spit and eat the meat.

Back At Camp

After Upolu returned from the challenge, Brandon washed the spit off the meant and cooked up the food. Coach thought that the food was delicious.

Over at Savaii, they talked about the challenge. They talked about the pig stuck in their teeth and the injuries that they received, and Cochran complained about how he might end up getting oral herpes from one of them, pointing out that 99 percent of people have the virus which causes cold sores. That was not the thing to say, as it grossed out many of his tribemates.

Jim wanted to get rid of Elyse. He talked to Keith, reminding him that earlier, Ozzy suggested that Coach should get rid of one of his strongest players. Jim wanted Keith to get on board with him and vote out Elyse. Keith talked to Whitney about voting for Elyse as well; while they thought that getting rid of Elyse might be a good idea, they really didn’t want to break up their alliance with Ozzy.

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council, they discussed how they received injuries from the challenge of the day. The injuries included a chipped tooth, cuts in their gums, and a dislocated jaw. They discussed Cochran, and how he just never seemed to catch a break, bringing up his joke about herpes, and how it had grossed everyone out. Elyse remarked that even if Cochran did get voted out, at least he would be happy that he had the experience of being on Survivor. How patronizing: obviously she didn’t realize that her friends were conspiring against her.

Jim, Dawn, and Cochran voted for Elyse. Keith and Whitney got around the problem of voting out Elyse without actually voting for her by giving their votes to Dawn. That left only Elyse and Ozzy to vote for Cochran. This time, three votes were enough to send Elyse on the path to Redemption Island. While Cochran may be a little bit socially awkward, he has played intelligently enough to hang around past several tribal councils where other people on his team had planned to vote him out.

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