Sylvania 7in Tablet with 2.2 Android Operating System Review

The Sylvania 7in Tablet with 2.2 android operating system is a great buy and affordable for mostly everyone.It is not a computer but it sure does work like one.
Prices range from $90-$150 depending on the store you buy it from.

Capabilities you can do numerous things on it.

search the web using its wifi feature (wifi must be on to look on web)
camera/webcam read books on it like its a Kindle Voxer for those people who like it-Its a walkie talkie like app for android systems that you can talk to friends on. listen to music with its music player as if its an ipod/mp3 player play games (One of my favorite game is Angry Birds) download lots of great apps from the android market Ex:games,gps,music,books,photo editor can put the memory card from your phone in it and play music and put pictures from phone on it /and with the phone memory card you can put it in a sd mini converter and add stuff like music and your awesome pictures to it from off your computer(there is a lot of memory on the tablet though you really don’t need a memory card but if you have one more music,apps,games,etc for you.)

WARNING:Also when you buy it there looks like there is no screen protector on it but it is two screen protectors on it so don’t peel back trying to see or you will ruin your screen protector by causing it to have all those air bubbles under it. I ruined one screen protector already with air bubbles so glad for the second one.

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