Tea Party Support Fading but Still Will Be an Influence in the 2012 Elections

COMMENTARY | The Pew Research Center conducted a survey recently which stated that 27 percent of Americans disagree with the Tea Party, while 20 percent of Americans agree. Just over a year ago, 27 percent of Americans supported the Tea Party, so it is obvious support for the movement is fading. As an American and a voter, here is how my view has changed about the Tea Party within the last year.

Since the election last year, my opinion of the Tea Party has only become stronger, especially seeing the latest uprising of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I think that the Tea Party needs the support right now, so that people can see the Occupy Wall Street Movements are a complete opposite of what the Tea Party stands for. I feel that the Tea Party has a lot of positive aspects, including the need for severe financial reform in the government, and belief in a smaller government. I do, however, feel let down by those officials elected by the Tea Party, because it seems that a lot of the Republican-elected officials have reverted back to big government, moderate progressives. During the elections, a lot of government officials were saying they were for the Tea Party and would do what is needed to reduce the government while also advocating for financial reform. I guess I was expecting the Republican representatives to do more for the Tea Party, and stand up for the Tea Party values, but none of them seem to really want to step up.

I did vote for a Tea Party candidate last year, and will continue to support the candidates that the Tea Party decides to get behind. I will not just vote for someone because they say they are with the Tea Party, but instead want to focus more on what that candidate has done to reduce the debt, along with what companies the candidate voted to bailout. I have attended a few Tea Party events in Cincinnati and have not seen an increase or decrease, which is a good sign that people are standing by what is right for this country, and I think it will only increase into 2012. I think that the Tea Party will step up again in 2012, and will become a huge influence in the upcoming presidential campaign. With the whole Occupy Wall Street Movement going on across America, it is important that the Tea Party does not back down, stands by the Constitution, and stands for the values of America. The Tea Party will always be a force in politics, even if the support fades, because it is more about smaller government and Constitutional rights than it is about a Republican or Democrat.

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