Television Characters We Love Despite Their Major Flaws

Hit Fox show “House” will bow out after eight seasons. The network confirmed the final episode of the medical drama will air on May 21. That means that one of the great lead characters in television will be given a final send-off. For all of his medical genius, the real things that make Greg House a great character are his flaws. From popping pills to alienating everyone in his life, the doctor was anything but the typical protagonist. His flaws made him human and therefore more relatable. Television has had other similar characters over the years. Here is a look at the best main characters that exhibited major flaws in morality.

Jimmy McNulty – “The Wire”

As the top cop on the iconic HBO show, McNulty was nothing like the cops we normally see in the movies or on television. He was a dedicated cop that committed himself to fighting crime in Baltimore. However, his personal life was a train wreck. McNulty was an alcoholic and chronic womanizer. He sabotaged himself multiple times and ultimately spoiled most of his relationships. He found a measure of redemption at the end of the series but was still one of the most developed main characters on television.

Dexter Morgan – “Dexter”

Dexter seems like a charming, good looking guy on the surface. He is liked by most people and conducts himself professionally at his job. However, he has a major flaw in the fact that he is a serial killer. Even though he kills bad people, the fact of the matter is that he has urges that dominate his personality. His crimes might ensure that he has the worst flaw of any leading character on television.

Kenny Powers – “Eastbound and Down”

Kenny Powers is easily the biggest jerk on television. As the former baseball star on the HBO comedy series, Kenny is one of the most obnoxious characters ever. He talks highly of himself while putting down everyone he knows. He uses people, abuses drugs, and destroys everything positive in his life. It is hard to find anything redeeming about Kenny but we still enjoy him for reasons we don’t understand.

The gang – “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

The five main characters on this FX comedy are all majorly flawed. They exist in their own little world with little regard for anyone else. Despite the fact that their shenanigans always cost them in the end, the gang never learns any lesson. There is redeeming quality in any of them. This might be the only show on television that draws an audience despite not having one likeable character.

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