Ten Things My Mother Taught Me – Happy Mother’s Day!

1.”Don’t Write on Yourself!” Very unsanitary, and you ‘ll look like a coloring book/ multi-screen TV!

2. “Don’t curse” That evil thought has to go somewhere – usually it’ll come back to you or worse yet, loved ones!

3. “Respect people and things.” Don’t use or manipulate people or their feelings. “Cut Downs” mean just that. You build yourself up but tear someone else down.

4. “Respect older people – don’t prey on the young.” Let them enjoy “youth” with people their own age- Heard of “dirty old men and cougar?” Sufficient descriptions!

5.”Don’t hurt a living thing.” Pets are to be respected as creatures of God and plants give food and shade!.

6. “Idle Hands are the work of the devil.” Don’t spray paint someone’s property! It’s not yours!

“Stay Away From Fortune Tellers.” You never know what “spirits” are lurking to fool you!

8.”There is a God” – We will be held accountable for our actions. Be on the safe side. Always choose good over evil and light over darkness.

9. “Don’t ‘air’ out your troubles in public.” That goes for Facebook too!

10. “Just do the right thing!” Your conscience will guide you if you’ve listened to the rest.

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