Ten Timeless Accessories for Fall

We’ve all been told not to judge a book by the cover, but lets face it, we still do it. First impressions base a person’s entire judgment about you. Want to be sure to be remembered in a good way this fall? Snag these classic accessories and you will surely leave a lasting impression of impeccable style.

1. Embrace Your Waist

Accentuating your waistline is the best thing you can do for your body without hitting the gym or hiding the food. A belt is the perfect accessory for making you look slimmer without any work. Wear it at the slimmest point of your waist and it will give the illusion that you are tiny and timelessly chic.

2. It’s all about the Watch

Classic gold watches are all the rave since, um, ever. A bold gold tone watch is the perfect accessory to make any outfit instantly feel more polished. Michael Kors has mastered the oversized women’s gold tone watch better than any other designer this season. Grab one of these and you will have it for a lifetime (unlike the club outfit you bought at Forever 21 last season).

3. Keep Your Base Coat Your Base Priority

Nail polish can make or break an outfit. For instance, neon pink nails worn with warm fall hues are sure to make you look like a hot mess. Fall is all about wearing deep, rich nail colors that work with your style. Essie has created the perfect collection for fall featuring a deep burgundy, greenish-gray, burnt sienna, camel beige, an almond taupe, and even a soft mauve color. Any of these polishes will have you looking polished for fall weather.

4. Don’t Forget the Bling

Don’t leave home without dressing-up your outfit with a statement necklace. The right jewels can turn a plain white tee shirt and jeans from drab to fab quicker than you can say “Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.”

5. Be Brave by Trying Out Red Lipstick

Think red lipstick looks dreadful with your complexion? Think again. A rich pigmented red lipstick can do wonders for any skin tone and do wonders for your style street cred. A fire engine red tone is sure to make you look hot and haute. When the guys start flocking, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

6. Embrace Your Inner Nerd with Geek Chic Glasses

You’ve seen Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway, and Demi Moore rock them on newsstands, now it’s your turn to rock them around town. Grab a pair with or without a prescription, and you will instantly feel chicer and smarter. We can vouch for that.

7. Stock up on Black Stockings

Baby, it’s starting to get cold out there. The perfect way to protect your legs from drying up and you from getting the flu is by throwing on a pair of black tights. Black tights never go out of style, unlike nude tights. Never wear nude colored tights, ever. They have been out of style since your grandma was out raging at the sock hop.

8. A Bangle or Two or Three

Bangles are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Kate Spade is the master of bangles. Her idiom bracelets all have a different motto to live by inside of them. Wear them alone or pile them on together.

9. Stack on a Scarf

It’s not news to anyone that scarves are big every fall, but it is news that rust is the color to live by Fall 2011. Layering on a rust colored scarf will incorporate the color of the season into your look almost effortlessly.

10. A Black Headband

Even though your school uniform days are long gone, your days of wearing headbands don’t have to be. Turn your bad hair day into a good one with a classic black headband. It’ll fix the fly-aways and your style fix simultaneously.

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