Thanksgiving and What it Means to Me

Thanksgiving is a time of year when we celebrate what we are thankful for.
It is a time to gather friends and family close and cherish them once more.
As we pull together during this season of thankfulness, it is a time of caring and sharing.
We count our blessings one by one, as we come together.
To celebrate another year of having our families and friends.
Times past where we have had very little, but we had each other.

Our warmth we shared as each family or friend came through our doors.
As they crossed bridges, deep forests and moors.
Just to be together once more with there families.
To celebrate there lives and achievements for that year.
To enjoy just being with their family and friends.
To share the closeness with those they love and cherish.

Its not just about the big meal and all the desserts.
Or the decorations that is spread through out the house.
Its so much deeper than this superficial thing that we have going on.
Thanksgiving is about celebrateing our blessings, that we have been granted.
For showing our friends and family that we still cherish and love them.
And being grateful that we had roofs over our heads and food on our tables.

Thanksgiving is giving thanks to our creator for giving us another year to live.
For our lives that we live.
For us having jobs to pay our bills, and take care of our families.
Thankfulness to our creator for giving us love for one another.
And for the compassion he gives for our fellow man.
For being able to give something back, for all that we have received.

To lend a helping hand to those around us.
To stop and just say thank you for all we have been blessed with.
For our health, homes, jobs, food and clothes.
Just to be thankful for each other.
And the joys we share each and every day.
Our hopes and dreams that fill our hearts.
This is what Thanksgiving means to me

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