Thanksgiving Guide: How to Do Stuffing when You’re Baking Just the Breast

Mm, turkey and dressing – who doesn’t look forward to it every Thanksgiving? Families gather around a table packed with delicious foods, many of them served only on this special holiday. For those with large families or lots of friends, that’s the typical Thanksgiving. But there’s only a couple of you at your house and you don’t need that grand affair. What would you do with a huge turkey, anyway? It’s lucky for you that most grocery stores sell a packaged breast – and only the breast – just for such an occasion. That’s the perfect portion for you and your family but, without a whole turkey, how can you stuff it? For many people, the dressing is the best part of the whole dinner. Something about the stuffing, baked inside the turkey, is just so scrumptious. Well, worry no more about that; you can still have dressing with your breast-only Thanksgiving dinner.

If you make a boxed dressing the instructions are printed right on it. You simply prepare it on the stove top. You can make the dressing and serve it just like that, without being baked. But most people prefer the baked version. Whether you’re mixing up stuffing from a box, or you’ve made your own, when you bake it along with the turkey it will taste so much better.

After preparing the dressing, and as the turkey breast is baking, open the turkey and put the dressing on top. When you use a larger-than-needed piece of foil to bake the turkey you’ll have plenty of room to add the stuffing. Or, put the turkey in a pan, which is larger than needed, and add the stuffing later. The reason for that is that a turkey breast generally takes much longer to cook than the dressing.

If you add a little water when you bake the turkey breast, it should be drained off before adding the dressing. In fact, you can use the drained broth as the necessary water to prepare the dressing. It gives the stuffing that delicious turkey taste. When you do that, you don’t have to bake the dressing with the turkey to give it that delicious taste. Just put the stuffing in a pan of its own and bake it alongside the turkey.

Just because you don’t need a huge turkey doesn’t mean you don’t want to have the same delectable meal that everyone else is having for Thanksgiving. You just need that on a smaller scale and, with the turkey breast and dressing dinner, you’ll have a scrumptious holiday.

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