The 2011 Guide to Which Banks Do Not Use Chexsystems

So you need a new savings account and you’re seeking which banks do not use chexsystems. You’re in luck because Well’s Fargo has a new program called Opportunity Package; just for those needing a second chance.

Let’s be clear on one thing, I pretty much believe chexsystems is the devil’s right-hand-man and banks follow a close second. If you have sullied your name at a few banks, you need much more than a new banking account; you probably need some good financial advice.

The Opportunity Package at Well’s Fargo requires a $100 to open the account and there is a ten dollar monthly maintenance fee. You can avoid the maintenance fee by choosing one of two choices;

· Maintain $1000 monthly balance OR · Set up direct deposit

You must go to a local branch to set the account up. While the Wachovia branches are now Well’s Fargo, they may not have changed their names at each branch. If you do not see a local Well’s Fargo, search for Wachovia branches.

The next bank that does not use chexsystems is Compass Bank. They do not have many locations and there are many complaints found at Ripoff Report and other websites.

But you must be realistic when it comes to why you’re on chexsystems. Most likely, you had an overdraft that you did not pay or bounced checks or whatever the scenario. Not to say banks are fair because each one of them has their faults.

Why should you care which banks do not use chexsystems?

Everyone knows times are tough and without a bank account, it can cost us up to $100 more per month for alternative banking. If you’re perfectly happy with your pre-paid card, think of the additional fees you may be paying. Many pre-paid cards provide you with the initial three to five free ATM transactions however, most of us use more than that. Each transaction can cost approximately $2 not to mention what the ATM bank institution will charge you.

A new opportunity while searching for which banks do not use chexsystems

The Well’s Fargo Opportunity Package seems like a great deal for those needing a new bank account, but more importantly, you can learn to be responsible and start savings.

What about saving $1 per day or how about simply placing all your loose change in a jar. At the end of the week, deposit it into your new bank account.

A new bank account isn’t as important as learning how to better ourselves financially. In the end, will you be asking yourself again, which banks do not use chexsystems?

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