The Aviator

One of the major on-line dating sites has free weekends every other month. During their October freebie, I checked my account & saw a profile for a guy that seemed pretty interesting. His profile indicated he’s smart, well-educated, and enjoys outdoor activities similar to mine. And, he owns a plane!

We emailed for several days. Then he said ‘I know we haven’t met, or even spoken, but I’m going flying this afternoon. Would you like to come along to do some leaf peeping from the sky?’

I agreed. He emailed me his phone # and directions to the airport. We arranged to meet at 3 p.m.

In the interim, mydog had hurt herself rough-housing. As she was limping quite badly, I was worried enough to opt to take her to the vet immediately.

Calling the number he had sent in his email, I got a woman’s voice mail message. I left a quick ‘sorry, wrong number!’ apology. I tried to call again. Same message. Confused, I I said ‘I think this is the right number – I’m calling for Fred The Flier to tell him I cannot make today’s outing.’ Perhaps his daughter had left the voice mail prompt.

I took my girl to her veterinarian, and was relieved to find she’d just given herself a bit of a sprain. When we returned home, I found that The Aviator had left a message, inquiring on my where-abouts. The number he left was entirely different than the one he’d included in his email.

Clearly, Alvin Aviator had not received my original message. I rang him back.

“Hi Aviator! I’m sorry, I gather you didn’t get the phone call I made.” I explained that I’d had to take an emergency trip to my dog’s doctor. “And I called the number you gave me. I got some woman’s phone.”

He seem surprised. “What number did I give you?” I repeated it.

‘oh, that’s my ex-wife’s number. I had that number for 23 years!’

“I’m confused! You gave me your ex-wife’s number? I left a message, thinking it was yours.”

“Oh, she’ll deal with it!”

More confused, and perturbed, I rang off. I wondered why he’d not apologized for putting me in an awkward situation.

Later that evening, he sent me the following email:
Diva, just wanted to update you. I misspoke about how long I had the number I gave you. I took that number in 1983 when I moved to Freehold, NJ. I used it until I was forced from my home
in 2009–that’s 26 years. Wow!!

‘Wow’ is right! I prefer my men to have worked through their ex-wife issues and anger. My flight was away from him. On to the next one!

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