The Beginning and the End for One

Let’s get started. We got a long season but a short temper to accumulate any kind of trophy so far. Probably meaningless like any sport; week one has no result for the end of the 17 weeks of predictions. Predictions that are as worthless as a change of quarterback for the 49ers, it seems. Not changing anything to help the game in any positive way like the continuous praise for the unproven and over-appreciated, good-hearted Eagles. You can’t help but buy the love of other players to join your team in hopes for a Super Bowl. I can’t buy you anything but give you my knowledge of the game and the predictions of the weeks to come. Enjoy what I offer for it is free to see and endless till a contender makes his stamp. So… by all means let’s get started… for real this time. With my first upset of the week 1 NFL season:

The Dallas Cowboys over the New York Jets:

I give credit to the city of New York, for everything that they have been through. The ten year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, gives the people of New York; the ravenous fans of the Jets the chance to heal more and forget more but still remember those who gave their lives and whose lives that were taken that day. A beating the Jets will give to the cowboys. With the Jets defensive stomp on the throat of Tony Romo’s and his dreams to a new beginning for the Cowboys in hopes that things will change with a new coach and new philosophy of football. But this won’t happen… This new beginning is a new beginning. With a young team -even younger on the O-line- and a receiving core containing three playmakers. The Cowboys will be enjoying a longed vacation on Revis Island and will be served drinks of ‘sex on the beach’ while laying on their 17-13 victory over the Jets. In the real debut of Jason Garrets new and best up in coming Cowboys team sense the 90’S, this team will be proven championship contenders for the next 5 years or even more (Depending on how long Jason Whitten is Jason Whitten).

The St. Louis Rams over the Philadelphia Eagles:

Please, I’m not saying, I mean, I’m not really saying… yes, why yes, I am. It makes sense, just listen. Vick: down some time in between this year’s week 10 thru 13.

Formally, since week 10 of last year’s 59 point stomping over the undeniably lousy defense of the Redskins, named the best quarterback in the game today. I will give him praise with probably the best comeback performance of any player to leave the game of football and come back without any noticeably decline in his game. Let’s call up Mr. Tebow on this one.

“Tebow, who influences you most and your game and who do you think represents your game the most in today’s game”

well… i…”

“Yah, whatever, your wrong.”

Anyways, I give you credit, much indeed on getting the starting job in Philly. But Look behind you Vick… who represents you more than your backup, Vincy? But with a further accurate arm, and if he didn’t need Dr. Phil (sorry for the only reference I will be using all year) to put his head on straight, and a coach that didn’t treat him like his ginger step-son, he would top Vick in any stats for the next couple years including wins. With no problem finding a starting job anywhere in the league than becoming a backup because he can’t handle the pressure that Matt Leinart barred in previous years as a terrific QB. But seriously without the sarcasm, Vince Young is already making Vick uncomfortable in the pocket like the outside blitz from DeMarcus Ware.

A new winner on the other side of the ball and the best back in the game (Stephen Jackson), gives the Rams a better end to the season than the third place Eagles in the in the NFC East standings. Don’t be offended please, because it hurts Vick more than me to end up more on the McNabb side of things when it is all played and done.

Oh yeah… Rams-20 and “The Dream Team”- 7.

The Oakland Raiders over the Denver Broncos

I’ll keep it short and simple like Orton’s starting job this season.

The Raiders will shoot McFadden off for 150 yards past the Broncos in close low scoring game of 13-10. “Maybe we need to take a chance with a playmaker with a better arm” John Fox says.

Love you next week…

Mr. Lissy (NSL)

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