The Best Method of Designing a Medical Advertisement

It is very common to find people’s business in hospitals and doctor’s offices, and they mostly target visitors, employees and sick people. This is the reason why it is important to create advertisement. I do believe, it is easier to show the reader the services being offered, when you create a medical advertisement. A good design is able to keep the doctor’s office coming back to you for repeat business, since there are many advertising opportunities available.

You need to create the type of advertisement that you have chosen, and the best option are web banners. It is important to start by investigating the sites where the advertisement will appear, and if you choose to create this type of advertisement, then it is appropriate to send printed advertisements through the mail ,or give out at the doctor’s office. File size 4 by 6 inches is the most appropriate option for creating postcard. Another option is a flyer, and ensure that you create a trifold.

The client’s goal for the design should be kept in mind, and the services , or benefits they would like to highlight should be the first consideration. The next secondary messages they would like to include should be your next concern. The text that will appear in the advertisement needs to be written down, and a word processing document with headlines,subheads,body text, and any sidebar text created. A call to action should also be included, and propose for the recipient the website that they need to visit, and the necessary contacts. The text will be very short if your creating a web banner, so the client should be given many text options. The client needs to be given your documents before moving into design for the purposes of making suggestions, or revisions.

Your advertisement should be sketched as a thumbnail, or a small version of your design. The final advertisement size should be proportional to the drawn rectangles, then use placeholders for filling it in for text messages,images,and color blocks. Finding a balance between content and design should be your main goal, and ensure your word document does not dictate the layout. A design is supposed to be sketched that all the content can be later fitted into it. The client will most likely want a fairly conservative design for medical advertisements, and always avoid Zany fonts.

A new file should be created in your design program in the right size, and always use pixel dimensions for the web. Remember to Set up the dimensions in inches for print, then add a resolution of 300 dpi .Don’t forget to add to your design imagery photos that correspond to the high- level message, and those that the client have the permission to use can be sent directly by him, or you may find the right image by searching stock photo websites. While filling in text and photos, keep referencing your favorite sketches, and it is recommended to give the client options to choose from by creating 2-3 designs when you start. The best design should be chosen out of your 2-3 options, and any final edits to text, or imagery made when working with the client.

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