The Big Show Returns to Smackdown and Destroys Mark Henry

Big Show made his highly anticipated return to Smackdown tonight. Show received a great reception from the crowd and he displayed high amounts of energy. Big Show expressed how glad he was to be back in the WWE, and thanked the crowd for their gratitude.

Also, Big Show talked about out of action for 4 months. He described how he was unable to do simple things due to Mark Henry breaking his leg. At one point, Big Show got very emotional and started to cry. After shedding some tears, Big Show explained that he has been watching the footage of his injury everyday; Big Show said he has been using it to motivate him.

Suddenly, Big Show began to display a huge amount of hostility and began to call out Henry. Show said that Henry has been on a tear destroying everything in his path. Then Big Show said that he will return the favor to Henry ten times worse. Show said that he wants a shot at the Heavyweight Title and is confident he can win the title.

Finally, Big Show called out Henry and he came to the entrance ramp immediately. Henry brought Big Show up to speed by telling him he injured Kane, Khali and Lawler while show was out. Henry also took the time to gloat about becoming the World Champion and defeating Orton. Big Show told Henry that he will slam Henry through a table (like Lawler) and stick his leg in a chair and break it.

Eventually, Big Show asked Henry for a title shot, but Henry wasn’t trying to hear it. Henry told him that he will give him one when he is ready. Mark Henry told Big Show that he hasn’t accomplished anything. Big Show said that Henry has until the end of the night to give him an answer or else.

At the end of the night, Henry came out to the ring. Henry’s answer was no and Big Show ran down the ramp quickly. The two began to battle and Show had the complete upper hand. Suddenly, security came down and tried to separate them. The security thought they were successful, but Big Show broke free and began to attack Henry again.

Eventually, the security tried to contain Big Show again, but he performed his finishers on the guards. Henry had retreated up the ramp in an attempt to escape Big Show. For the first time in a while, Henry looked as he had fear in his face as the both of them stared at each other. As soon as Henry turned up the ramp, Big Show ran behind him and attacked him again. Their battle lead near the announcement table and the unbelievable occurred next.

Mark Henry Irish-whipped Big Show into the barricade, and it looked as if Henry was going to put Show back on the shelf. Mark Henry attempted the “World’s Strongest Slam” through the table, but Show countered it with a chokeslam through the table. Big Show grabbed some steel steps for height, and placed Henry’s leg in a chair. Just as Show was going to jump off the steel steps, Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out.

Teddy Long told Big Show that he has a title shot as long as he didn’t jump off the steel steps while Henry’s leg was in a chair. Big Show stopped, but he did whack Henry on the back with the steel chair to end Smackdown. Big Show will face Mark Henry for the World Title at Vengeance.

Source: WWE Smackdown on Syfy

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