The Bravuras “Ain’t No Doubt” CD Review

The Bravuras are from Buffalo, N.Y. and they play their very own original style of electric blues with passion and feeling. For all you blues-purists out there, The Bravuras style is loosely based on Chicago-style electric blues.

The songs, instrument performances and vocals sound inspired on Ain’t No Doubt. The songs are exciting, electrifying and very easy to dance to. The Bravuras have turned it up a notch since their first release Jerry’s Blues (see my review). Maybe it’s because all the songs on Ain’t No Doubt are original compositions.

The new lineup on Aint No Doubt includes Bert Torres on bass, Steve Biondi on drums and Tony Grisanti on tenor saxophone. Guest musicians include Bob Volkman on Hammond organ and the one and only John Valby on keyboards and vocals. Returning on this CD are Bravuras mainstays John Puccio on lead vocals, Felix Mayer on lead guitar and last, but not least, John P. Hufford, Sr. on guitar, harmonica and vocals.

On with the review, Sideways Richie (written by John Puccio) kicks off the CD with a bang! A smoking hot guitar solo brings this song in with style. Growling and searing vocals, flashy piano rakes and some, great wailing saxophone by Tony Grisanti all add up to a hopping uptempo blues shuffle.

Evil Girl (written by John Puccio) is a slow and steady blues grinder. The second song on Ain’t No Doubt is a solid and sexy blues groove track. The lyrics are about missing a woman that is unattainable, a classic blues song subject. Evil Girl is topped off with another excellent saxophone solo.

The third track, Juke Joint Mama (written by John Puccio) features a soulful blues vocal performance by blues veteran, John Puccio. John Hufford, Sr. and Felix Mayer spice up the song with some great solos.

I really enjoyed listening to the tenor sax playing on The Way She Do (written by John Puccio). The sax fills out the solid rhythm provided by Bert Torres and Steve Biondi. The sax goes off on a great solo flight and takes the track out.

Torn And Tumbled (written by John Puccio) features some groovy harmonica playing by John Hufford, Sr. The lyrics mention Buffalo, N.Y. which is a great tribute to the often, overlooked city. I’m sure the locals cheer everytime The Bravuras play this song live. Felix really rips some sweet lead guitar breaks on Torn And Tumbled. This is my favorite song on Ain’t No Doubt.

The title track, Ain’t No Doubt (written by John Puccio) is another smoking uptempo blues dance number. The new lineup really comes together and gels as a solid unit on this kick ass track. One of my favorites on this CD.

You Got To Get Up (written by Tony Grisanti) is yet another great blues dance shuffle. The Bravuras have really mastered the art of writing a hot uptempo blues dances song. If this song doesn’t make you shake your ass on the dance floor then you need to get your pulse checked!

Old Man (written by John Valby) is a great addition to Ain’t No Doubt. The lyric is delivered with a large dose of humor and lots of Dr. Dirty style. But the song still maintains a great, down and dirty blues feel. Old Man is definitely one of my favorites on Ain’t No Doubt.

Aint No Doubt is on the Mark Records label. CD credits are as follows, produced by John Puccio and Mark J. Morette, recorded at Mark Studios, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fred Betschen and Jennifer Colwell, graphic design by Jason Boldt and MarkArt, booking information for The Bravuras, email John Puccio @ [email protected]

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