“The Christmas in the Jar”

I never had a gift,

I never had a toy,

I never had new clothes

Like any other boy

I always wanted

I always did

But until now

I’m in a jar with tight lid

Floating in water

But not so free

It’s the beauty of Christmas

I really wanted to see

How I wish I could have

Those candy canes and lollipops

And that ball and that kite

Give me that cake and I’ll take a big bite

Surely I wanted

And that is very true

But how could it be

I was not born like you

My mother

I don’t want to recall

Selfish young people

And I hate them all

That was Christmas Eve

They forced me

They dragged me down

But I couldn’t see

All I can remember

Is that hanging little thing

They call it mistletoe

But I know nothing

Until now

I’m longing to see

My mother and the world

And Christmas could be

But I’m caged here forever

In a glass jar filled with hate

Sealed with rejection

And left without fate

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