The Crows and Love

Break the chains that hold your thoughts down
Speak your mind and yell out across this town
To hell with the ones that burn your dreams
No one is real and nothing is as bad as it seems
I’m cutting my ties and leaving on a dream that flies
So wipe your teary eyes and climb on and take a ride.
November weather brings a chill down my spine
Yellow and brown leaves scattered in twisted lines
The only hope I ever saw was in your skittish eyes
You always played shy but I could see the fire inside
The crows are picking at the corn stalks under the sun
The Scarecrow sits by and and lets them have their fun
Your hand in mine and our arms in twine I feel free
Your head on my shoulder this feels like a dream.
But the kiss you plant, is warm passionate, and real
My mind is blinded by your lavish smile, love is ideal
The Fall weather swirls all around us picking up leaves
Kiss after kiss and the passion picks up a steady speed
After all the emotions have spilled our thoughts turn home
And I walk you to your red house and let you leave the cold
The kiss goodnight seems like it lasts for hours,
I stare at your beauty before your walk inside every inch I devour
The crows are flying home to their warm nest,
And I carry myself home for a peaceful nights rest.

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