The Failure of the Two Party System

The Republican party exists to protect and advance the agendas of business concerns. This in and of itself is not a bad thing but when it is done to the detriment of the people it becomes a problem. Social conservativism is a thin vail masking engrained American bias, prejudice and bigotry. Both business and the GOP use the magma of hatred to divert attention from their selfish plans for exclusive monetary gain.

The Democratic party hasn’t a clue. They are a odd hodge podge of idiot liberals, condescending progressives and old line bigots. Still they are Jacksonians, prefering patronage, bureaucracy and spending to common sense.

We are strapped with a continuum of bad choices. The two party system is a failure. We will advance to a moderated parlimentary system or true democracy or fail as a country. We will use technology to let the people represent. We must learn to teach a viable history. The myth of America does not ring true. Europe is failing because it never dealt with the shame of colonialism. They could have become cohesive in their repentance but they will fail for their arrogance and love of money. We, as a country have not sufficiently apologised for slavery, aboriginal genocide and expansionism. Our recent shameful behavior in Afganistan and Iraq, our insistance in creating financial bubbles and the denegration of the populace bodes ill for our world image.

Barry has proven himself to being an apologetic mutt. His reticence to lead is disturbing. Rhetoric is not substitute for substance. If you are articulate enumerate the problems and then ask the country for solutions. Do not look for solutions in Washington.

Mayor Bloomberg had the protesters on Wall Street arrested. Shame on him. Get on the bus, go to N.Y., let it begin.

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