The Halloween Story

The story began some years ago in the town of Dudleytown, Connecticut. A small boy and his three friends wandered into a unoccupied town looking for adventure. Walking very slowly and keeping themselves out of the beams of light, the group gets to a house. This house had broken windows and the doors had been nailed shut. The roof contained holes and looked as if it could break at any moment. The small boy climbed up into the window with the help of his friends.

Webs and spiders were all around and the boy waved his hand trying to knock the webs down. One by one the rest of the friends climbed through the window. The inside of the house was furnished, but everything was covered in dust or webs. The children walked around the house in a group going room by room until something knocked at the front door.

The children hid in a corner of the living room and stayed their, but the knocking wouldn’t stop. The small boy decided that he would go check it out. Walking very cautiously the boy poked his head out the front window and saw nothing there. He walked back to the group and told them that nothing was there. They determined that it was time to go.

Walking to the front window the group hears a bump from the upstairs of the house. One boy says that it was time to go. But the others wanted to check it out. The walked slowly up the stairs taking a step at the same exact time. Reaching the top the small boy gets a very strange feeling, but stays silent. A louder bump soon follows in one of the rooms and the group is startled.

Backing up the group hears voices saying to “get out”. The groups remains still and stays silent hoping that nothing would happen. “Get out!” yelled the voice. The group turns around to leave when the small boy walks into the dark room. The rest of the group turns around and follows him. “Get out!” the voice says again and they ignore its command. A few seconds later the floor drops sending the entire group down to the first floor.

Each person is hurt and is shaken up pretty well. Each one is well enough to move except the small boy who is unconscious. The group decides that it was really time to get out of there and get back home. The pick the boy up and get outside. Walking back they hit a group of men. “What are you children doing here?” says a man wearing a hat and a long trench coat.

“Um, we were just… checking out this town.” says one of the children.
“Where are you all from?”
“Around the corner”
“Follow me”

The group follows the man as the small boy begins to wake up. They get to a van with a police tag on it. “I have to take you all home, so get it.”

The group gets in and the man drives them home. They all get out and thank the man and he drives off going back to the town. “That story was of me,” says the old man “I will never return back to that place ever again.”

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