The IHeartRadio Music Festival, the IHeartRadio App, and More

What is IHeartRadio?

IHeartRadiom, (sometimes spaced as I Heart Radio) is a new, fun and useful way to listen to music. It is an interactive social media platform that also acts as a networking outlet, allowing people to listen to their favorite radio music by popular artists.

Started by Clear Channel Radio, IHeartRadio combines radio brands, local music stars and on-demand music content for users, such as videos, photos, song lists, and more. It is best known and most used as a mobile app, or application, available for such cell phones as the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android-even such gaming consoles as the PS3 and Xbox 360. Guests , users, and fans of music can also find out more about IHeartRadio at

The IHeartRadio Music Station and Apps

The IHeartRadio music station network offers users access to hundreds of local radio stations and music genres, including digital exclusive and prime-time, celebrity hosted, star channels. Hosting exclusive videos and clips of newly released songs, IHeartRadio also allows fans to “tag” new songs and music that they enjoy for further listening or later for purchase. In addition to being on apps for many cell phones, IHeartRadio connects to Apple’s iTunes store for further music enjoyment.

The IHeartRadio application and website offer many useful features for fans who love listening to their favorite music artists. From offering playlists set for musical preferences to offering set lists from both local stations to city and nationwide sites, IHeartRadio has features fit perfectly for your music needs. Listeners can personalize their music songs and playlists with Facebook and Twitter friends to share music in a social media setting.

The IHeartRadio Music Festival

One of the hottest and most popular events being talked about right now is the near IHeartRadio Music Festival, the biggest musical concert and star studded radio casting in music history. Taking place at the MGM Studio Concert Hall in Las Vegas in late 2011, the IHeartRadio Music Festival will be having famous artists and singers from a variety of genres, from the popular Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and Alicia Keys to Nicki Minaj, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, and David Guetta.

Overall, IHeartRadio has helped revolutionize the world of music and brought radio music to a whole new level. With the soon coming IHeartRadio Music Festival, IHeartRadio will only get more recognition and fame to wider music audiences. So turn up those headphones, plug in that iPod, and start listening to your favorite artists and songs on IHeartRadio today!

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