The Jaguars Game Against the Browns Brings More Questions About the Coaching, and Offensive Unit

The past two games the Jaguars have faced the weakest teams on the entire regular season schedule.
So what exactly does this say about the Jaguars?

Today’s game was a huge disappointment and may have been very costly to the Jaguars defensive unit as Matt Roth and Clint Sessions both left with head injuries. The team has been relying on the defense of the Jaguars to try to put the offensive unit in a position to score points. The injuries of the defensive unit had to be coming sooner or later anyways with the lack of offense of the Jaguars.

This showed today because the Browns have one of the three worst offenses in the NFL along with the Colts, and you guessed it the Jaguars.

The fact the Browns won this game should lead fans towards firing coach Jack Del Rio as bad decisions on play calling and time management of the ball on offense cost the Jaguars the loss today. There are no other excuses for the team. How many times can you blame the wide receivers who did a great job today?

How can you blame Blaine Gabbert whom also had a great game except the time management part of it?

You can blame the coaches and people who call the plays and you can place the blame on the coach Jack Del Rio. That is just the bottom line for the Jaguars as they go into the next six games against better defenses and offenses a repeat of the first half of the season is on the way.

I will say there where a few really bad calls in this game from the referees as well. Not that I feel that should be an excuse for the Jaguars. I am tired of excuses and the old saying we are getting better and improvements are being made to the team. The fact is one player is the whole offense and that is Maurice Jones Drew, and the opponents are head hunting. What are they attempting to do get the best player injured or wear him down. Jones Drew says he feels great but this has to be taking a toll on the poor guy.

If your read any of my prior blogs it is time for fans to have a revolution!

Stop calling in and saying you believe and you stand by your team; even the most diehard fan has to realize that the problem with the Jaguars is coaching! Jack Del Rio needs to go if he cannot even get the offense to play on a professional level and he cannot manage time on the field. You may agree or disagree but this is just poor coaching and the Jaguar players, the team, and the fans deserve better!

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