The Many Health Benefits of Orange Peel

Oranges are one of the most popular fruits known worldwide. Oranges grow in warm sunny weather such as Florida. Florida is one of the largest orange grove distributors known worldwide. One thing about the orange though that many do not know is the health factors of the orange peel. Many of us we just peel the orange and throw away he peel but we are throwing away the most important part. Orange peel and apple skin are similar since most of the nutrients and benefits are in the skin of these fruits. In this article I will list some of the health benefits of orange peel so next time you go to throw it away you will think twice.

Oranges are one of the tastiest and juiciest fruits in the world. The most beneficial health factor of oranges and most important is that it provides you with Vitamin C more than any other fruit. The peel of the orange though however has a bitter taste and is not so easy to digest. The orange peel is not similar to apple skin at all which is very tasty and easy to digest. Orange peel if it cannot be eaten can be soaked in water and or put in boiling water and drink as tea.

One of the main benefits of orange peel is it helps with digestive health problems. Drinking orange peel tea is a remedy used for generations in my family for digestive problems. Hot orange peel tea helps if you have cramps, constipation, nauseous feelings, gas, bloating, upset stomach, or any other related symptoms. One of the reasons why the orange peel helps so well is because it contains pectin which is a fiber that helps the digestive track. The orange peel can be stored for years even if its dry it still holds all the beneficial nutrients.

Orange peel can also help lower cholesterol, lose weight, help you sleep, help with cancer, inflammation, and many other similar health benefits. Orange peel can also be used to make foods taste sweet and nice. Orange peel can be grated and this is called orange zest which can be applied to foods. Orange zest can be added to cereal, oatmeal, salads, meat, fish, and best part cakes and desserts. Orange zest gives food a nice kick and it makes everything taste great. If you make fresh orange juice, lemonade, or lime juice you can add orange peel to it for a nice citrus taste. Orange peel can also be used to wash your hands it can take out most smells. Orange peel is another super fruit for many purposes.

Orange peel just like the orange itself is very healthy and tastes great. So next time you eat an orange do not throw it away make sure you save the skin and use it for many different things. So have yourself some Vitamin C and save the skin for a healthy and tasty drink, dessert, or for your health.

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