The Missing Christmas Tree

One day while Ann was Christmas shopping, she came across the most beautiful Christmas tree in the world. It was very tall, blue green in color and every branch was strong and thick. The tree just glowed from all the clear lights that were perfectly scattered all over it.

When she saw this amazing tree, she didn’t think of getting it for herself, but for her young daughter Emily. One day when Emily is older she will need a Christmas tree for her house, she thought to herself.

Ann then visualized tree-trimming parties at her daughter’s house. Oh the fun everyone would have. Lots of traditions would be passed down and tons of memories made around this tree.

Ann then found a salesperson and excitedly said, “I’ll take it!” So they loaded it up for her and she was off.

As the years went by and Emily got older, Ann would tell her about this beautiful Christmas tree that would soon be hers one day.

Finally the Christmas came, where it was time to take this amazing tree out of its box and put it up for Emily to finally see. She had her own house now, so she was so excited to see this tree her Mom had told her so much about over the years. Her and her mother Ann, picked out the perfect spot to set the tree up in her new home. But there was a problem. Emily’s Father could not find the tree.

He looked up in the attic. He looked in the basement. He searched the storage building behind their house. NOTHING…so he couldn’t bring it over to Emily’s house.

What happened to this huge Christmas tree?

One day the whole family made it a project to find this missing Christmas tree. So Emily’s two brothers’ and nephew came over. They all searched in the attic, they all searched in the basement and went through the storage building once again. And still, NOTHING…

Emily was so sad. She never even got to at least see this tree she had heard so much about.

Christmas was getting closer and closer. She had to do something. So, Emily and her mother went shopping for a new Christmas tree. They found a gorgeous tree and bought it. Emily was so happy, because she had a tree for Christmas. But, as she decorated the tree, she still wondered what on earth happened to her missing Christmas tree. “What could of happened to my tree?”

Late Christmas Eve her parents heard some music from the attic. As they opened up the attic door and crawled up the ladder the music got louder. So they quietly followed the music to a dividing wall that separated the attic from the other part of the attic, a part of the attic that you couldn’t get to and discovered an old record player playing Christmas albums. As they went a little further, they looked through the cracks in this dividing attic wall and were nearly blinded by the lights. It was Emily’s Christmas tree in all it’s glory. But to their amazement little creatures such as mice, raccoons and squirrels were using their old Christmas decorations to decorate the tree for them, so they could have a Christmas. It was such a beautiful and touching sight, no way they could and would ever disturb the little creatures. So they returned to their beds that night with huge smiles on their faces and couldn’t wait to tell the family of what they had discovered. Every year since, the family comes over and sneaks to the attic to see these adorable animals celebrate Christmas with the missing Christmas tree and sneak a few little presents of food through the cracks with tiny little bows on each present.

Why shouldn’t all of God’s creations celebrate Christmas?
Have a Merry Christmas to “all” and to “all” a good night!

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