The Most Common Misconception is that We Are Alone

Our tiny blue planet floats around unassumingly in an unending universe, as insignificant as a rain drop in an expanse of ocean. Yet we believe that we alone are the most superior life form, that in the untold expanse, that is the universe, there is no other living being that is just as enterprising, ambitious and brutal as we are. Perhaps we have convinced ourselves of this, not because it is true, but because we are too scared to imagine what the truth might be. It seems as if the world is living in a state of blissful ignorance, quite content to keep our imaginings within the bounds of our planet.

But I cannot blame humanity for ignoring what now seems to be an obvious fact, for I would not like to have imagined the scene that presented itself before me. My peaceful hike reached an unexpected climax as I stumbled upon a most bizarre scene. A long strip of charred earth lay before me, framed on either side by an inferno of shrubbery.

This strip of destruction led up to one final object, a dark oval pod that lay menacingly only meters away. Its midnight black exterior was unscathed by its landing. While everything around it lay in ruins it had remained flawless. With a sudden crackling the pod lid slowly slid open. A huge man- shaped creature slowly raised itself out of the vehicle. It was easily three meters tall with a sickly pale skin that looked as if it had never felt the warm touch of the sun. Its broad shoulders supported a long slender face, accessorised with two sharp slits for eyes and a wide mouth that stretched across its entire face. Its yellow eyes were empty and soulless and it stared at me with an unrelenting gaze. Its mouth opened, revealing a neat row of razor sharp teeth. Its face slowly pulled into what looked like an uncomfortable smile. It took on a sickening look of arrogance. Slowly striding towards me I could see large muscles rippling underneath its unnatural skin. The creature’s appearance left no slither of doubt in my mind that I was in danger. My legs immediately leapt into action and hurtled me in the opposite direction at superhuman speeds.

From behind me a screech erupted that echoed across the land and reverberated through my bones. Even at my top speed I could hear the creature’s loud footsteps approaching me at a breakneck speed. I turned around just in time to see it leap into the air, its large legs propelling it like a gigantic grasshopper up into the sky. It landed perfectly right on top of me. It pinned me to the ground with an unrelenting force – a single arm capable of easily overpowering my adrenalin enhanced body.

My hand snaked its way into my back pocket, frantically searching for my knife. I gasped for air as the force of the creature slowly cracked my ribcage. In one last desperate fight for my life I swung my knife with all the strength I could muster, striking the beast firmly in the chest. With a massive scream the creature reared back in pain. I slowly dragged myself along the ground, but I could not muster the strength to stand. I heard a deep chuckle behind me and felt a warm breath down my neck. With one arm I was yanked from the floor and suspended in the air looking the beast right in the eye. Its eyes stared back at me with infinite rage. With one sudden sweeping blow I was struck on the head with a mammoth force.

I embraced death as it engulfed me like a warm blanket on a cold day. I was just one of the first causalities of the end of mankind…

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