The Most Exciting Players in College Football This Year, a Fan’s Take

So far, it seems like this season of college football will be built for many dramatic finishes. In fact, in just two short weeks, there have already been numerous close finishes in college football, or at least seemingly more than in previous seasons.
A couple examples of such games: Ohio State edging out Toledo at home, Syracuse beating Wake Forest in OT after falling far behind in the 4th quarter, Auburn stopping Mississippi State on the goal line for the win, USC just barely beating out Minnesota, and of course the most exciting game to this point being the Michigan win under the lights of the Big House over arch-rival Notre Dame. So I argue that the season will be built on drama, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some electrifying athletes this season.
One of the athletes I think you should watch out for this year is Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon. I personally had really never seen him play up until this past Thursday night when the Cowboys hosted Arizona. But for OK St QB Brandon “fossil” Weeden, he was the primary target on several occasions, making superb catches, making defenders miss, constantly calling for the ball, etc. Every time he was streaking down the middle of the field, it seemed like Weeden was able to hit him for a big play to burn the Wildcats defense. He could very well be a top-5 NFL draft pick and a Heisman hopeful in his near future.
Another player that is fun to watch is Stanford QB Andrew Luck. Luck, the presumable #1 draft pick next year, is beginning on the fast track towards putting up some fantastic numbers this season. He is able to make his reads and hit his receivers about as well as any QB in the game. Defenses become fearful when they have to face Luck because he is such a mature pro-style quarterback.
One other player to look out for is Oregon RB LaMichael James. He is one of the main centerpieces to a very dynamic Ducks offense that promises to rank near the top in the nation for most statistical categories. Oregon’s offense will go as far as James can take them.
The other player that seems to attract a lot of viewers is Michigan QB Denard Robinson. This electrifying Wolverine leader is one of the most athletic quarterbacks that the game has seen in quite some time (or at least since Michael Vick). He constantly puts up big numbers in the passing game as well as running the football. He is the definition of a dual-threat quarterback because of how much he can do with his arm and legs. It’s no wonder that most of the Michigan offense revolves around this dynamic play maker. Just last night, I watched him engineer a 4 TD performance in the 4th quarter of a thrilling win over rival Notre Dame under the lights at the Big House. To think that he alone has put up about 900 all purpose yards of total offense all by himself against Notre Dame the last two years just proves how incredible a play maker and athletic specimen this young man is.
So go enjoy your Major League baseball playoffs. Go watch your favorite NFL teams battle it out after the messy off season. Go get ready for the anticipation of NBA, college basketball, and NHL season coming up. But don’t forget to tune into a little college football to watch some of these firecracker athletes.

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