The New York Knicks Superstar Dilemma

The New York Knicks have won five games in a row. Jeremy Lin is playing the point the way Mike D’Antonio’s system needs to be successful. So, far it appears he can keep it going, which would be great for the Knicks and their fans. No more waiting on Baron Davis to get healthy and rescue the season, which would have been too late. The Knicks needed someone now and Lin is doing the job.

The big looming question is, what is going to happen when Carmelo and Amar’e come back? Will both players buy into the system? Will the ball stop moving once it hits Melo’s hands? Will Amar’e drive to the basket? We will find out very soon. Amar’e is back on Monday. Carmelo a week later.

For years I’ve been asking the Knicks to drive to the basket. Its seems like Lin must of heard the same plea at the Garden. Even the talented rookie Iman Shumpert has started to drive to the basket, which is good news. H’e a strong guard at 6′ 5′, 220 lbs. The more the Knicks drive to the basket, the better the team plays. We’re also starting to see just how good Tyson Chandler is at center. The alley Op passes from Lin have been spot-on and Tyson is smashing it home.

I’m hoping for more results like Friday night’s game against the Lakers. Keeping the Lakers under one hundred points leads me to one more word which has been missing from the Knicks for years: Defense. Glad to see your back.

Saturday’s game against the Timberwolves was definitely a trap game and one they looked like they were going to lose until the other missing component showed up for the Knicks; Team Work. The communication on the floor is much improved. The players have each others back. That was apparent in the interviews after the game in the locker room. And the word confidence kept appearing in each interview, even in Mike D’Antonio’s post game report.

At 13 -15, the Knicks sit in the eight seed in the East. It is possible this team could be over 500 by the end of the week. What a turn around for a team and its fans that have been waiting for so long to get back on track.

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