The Perfect One in Her

The Perfect one in Her

She is everything I could ever want in a woman,

I could go on and on about how I adore her.

Her moves are so elegant, smooth

seductive un-choreographed sequences of

gestures that are only amplified by

her beauty.

I could listen to her speak for an eternity

words spoken softly with such meaning

and strength behind them

Her heart and compassion are incomparable

only to be weighed against the love that a

mother has for their child

She will be dedicated to us, her eyes would

never wonder, her heart would never doubt

her soul would be completely and honestly

devoted to what we have

I think about her without end day and night

wondering and fantasizing about our time together

I plan year after year and save every cent .

For me she is the perfect woman, with the perfect eyes,

The perfect smile, the perfect size

no woman could ever compare to her

Time after time I find all other women lacking

In just the smallest of test, moving without grace

Their words pierce through me like

Screeching echoes of infinite annoyances,

Their skin flawed, their thinking beneath me

Often I find myself irritated in their presence

dismissing them without regards or compassion

For my only desire is for her

Passing the time in between with

short meaningless relations, Knowing

I would never let myself feel for them

the way I do for her

I make no secret of the love I have for her

And still foolishly they try to compare,

try to replace and try to become her

As I sit through another for the moment my mind drifts

And I see her, I love her, I want her,……………………….

There she goes again,

God I love her.

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