The Pleasures and Pains of Retirement

If you are considering retirement in the near future, there are many factors which should be well thought out before turning in your papers. After almost 38 years of work, I decided to retire mainly due to health issues. I underwent a sudden mitral valve surgery; the recovery was longer than expected. I had planned to retire within a year, but the surgery pushed my retirement date closer. As the time drew near, I wondered if this was the right decision. There are good and bad factors in the retirement world.

Pains and Pleasures of Retirement

1. Money is a key factor which should be taken into account immediately. In addition to social security, it is advisable to have another account such as a 401K to fall back on when large expenses are needed.

2. If you are in your early sixties and in fairly good health, a part-time job would be recommended. Interacting with people on a daily basis keeps a person knowledgeable in many areas such as news, sports, finance, travel and a multitude of subjects. Talking with fellow employees and customers allows a person to communicate with others on a variety of issues.

3. Exercise is a necessity when a person retires. A recent study reported that walking, jogging, running or doing aerobic exercise for fifteen minutes a day increases a person’s life span by three years.

4. Travel is another enjoyable factor for the retiree. Many cities and towns now offer day trips for residents to a variety of places. Overnight trips are also available along with week-long excursions to Europe or the Caribbean. Join these trips with a spouse or friend and meet others who may become a future friend.

5. Volunteering is another opportunity for the retiree to continue to remain active. Local Senior Centers and hospitals are only two ways to remain active in your community.

6. Learn a new language such as Spanish, French or Italian. Not only will you be able to communicate with others in your area, but you will also be able to speak to people in their own language if you decide to take a trip.

Whatever you decide to do in your retirement, do not stay in a rut. Get up and get out there! Go for a walk, whether it is around the neighborhood or at a nearby mall. Take a ride someplace new. Read a book you have been putting off for years. Go in a hot air balloon ride. Do something fun – for you!

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