The Power of Beauty Pt. 10: Why Women Should Use Beauty & Sex Appeal to Their Advantage

Have you ever wondered why we have to pay for beauty school? I personally think that beauty classes should be taught in all high schools across the country. Girls (and boys) should know how to take care of themselves. But girls should be taught to go beyond the basics. Bathing and brushing your hair keep you looking decent, but it doesn’t make you particularly beautiful.

I don’t think women should run around looking like they are running for Miss America, I just think that women should spend a little more time on their looks. It seems that we spend a lot of money on our looks, but if you spend thousands of dollars on makeup, yet you don’t know how to apply it correctly, you still end up not looking your best. These school beauty classes should teach women how to do that.

Women need to change the way they feel about beauty. We need to feel like it is important, yet fun. It’s something to play with. It’s a part of us. It’s just something we have to be taught because we won’t know how important it is unless someone tells us that it’s important.

That’s the whole point of this series. It’s to spread the message that beauty is something essential. It’s the first thing people see when they meet us. This series is just a written beauty class. Hopefully you will feel differently about beauty, and you will never skip wearing lip gloss again!

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