The Power of Beauty Pt. 4: Why Women Should Use Beauty & Sex Appeal to Their Advantage

Being beautiful simply gives you an advantage. I know most women already know that, but I just want to emphasize how big the advantage could be.

Beauty can possibly be the most powerful tool women have, next to sex. We all know men respond well to sex. They’ll do anything for it. But sex isn’t as valuable as beauty in my eyes. Lots of women can offer sex. It’s very plentiful. Men can get sex from lots of women as often as they want.

But beauty is rare. Beauty doesn’t come easy. For those of us who aren’t born stunning, it takes a lot of time and money to create an illusion of beauty. The thing is, women and men are both responsive to beauty. Men are usually the ones that are more responsive to sex, but beauty draws both genders. Beauty has a hold on all of us.

If beauty is in fact the most powerful thing that we own, why don’t we use it to our advantage? Why do we take it for granted? Why do we continue to focus so much on the importance of inner beauty when the power is in outer beauty?

I know there is power in inner beauty as well. Believe me, if you read some my other articles (and audio) you will know that I place a lot of value on being respectful to other women, and being smart when it comes to dealing with men. I know that character and knowledge is important. I’m just saying that it seems to come second to many other people. This is just some information that I am sharing just to help you make it easier in the world. You may value character, but many other people do not. So it’s important that you focus a little bit of attention on the parts of you that other people seem to value the most.

I think dealing with people is much easier when you know the way they think. As great of a person you may be, you still need to realize that the way you look may matter more to others. They usually worry about our attitudes later. But the looks come first.

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