The Power of Being Anonymous: Disposable Email

Anonymity is a luxury that is becoming more and more difficult to sustain in our modern society. Social networking, email addresses, and registration forms leave very little to the imagination when it comes to privacy.

Now for the real kicker: because businesses, universities, and the government have realized how intrusive the internet can be towards compromising privacy and revealing personal information, covering your tracks is becoming very important. The immense popularity for social networking isn’t helping matters either. It seems that now everyone has an email address and a profile exclaiming their passionate love for Johnny Depp, or how much they hate oysters. In this world of information, websites often demand a profile to access all of their material, requiring users to sign their life away to spam by confirming the email address is legitimate with an activation link.

“Whoa,” you may think, “in this world of vast global networking, what can be done to limit my exposure?”

Welcome folks to the wonderful world of Mailnesia, a registration-free, temporary email address that can be used to protect you from the various dangers of automated trash email, infamously known as spam. With Mailnesia, any questions you have about the security of subscribing to websites can be answered without risk.

What To Do

It’s easy to create a temporary inbox. Once you are on the webpage, just type any word, number, or character into the box in the upper right part of the screen, and click the green arrow. Viola! Your shiny, new anonymous email inbox. For example, if I typed “spamisbad” into the box, my temporary email address would be [email protected] Use this email to fill out any registration forms you’re curious about and this address will bear the brunt of any and all spam assaults, leaving your personal address sighing with relief.

Remember, however, that anyone can access this inbox, so avoid using Mailnesia as the primary address for any precious financial information. If Mailnesia is used for such sensitive information, it’s game over for your credit score once someone guesses the correct email.

With such a powerful tool at your disposal, any uncertainty over email security will be put to rest. So long registration garbage, and good riddance.

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