The Proper Execution of Life (continued)

To continue onward with the steps of life, we forge onto Step Three.

Step Three: Tension Upon Extension – This step provides the technique’s force, speed, and endurance components that produce its optimum effectiveness.

Relaxation is the key to the Extension’s, Tension. If you can relax during the execution of a technique, this through natural
bio mechanics, will allow the body’s fast twitch fibers to act at their capacity; Thus speed is the result. With speed comes power. Other factors that are a result of this relaxed execution are the ability to conserve energy and keep a clear mind.

These are the Negative results of Tension through a technique, although a technique may feel strong with Tension, in actuality it is slow and powerless. One loses endurance by energizing the entire body to throw a technique in this fashion, therefore one will get tired faster, while the technique itself will be slower and less powerful.

Finally with the entire mind and body Tensing Upon Extension/Contact of the technique, this combined effort results in an explosion like contact to the target area. The technique itself built speed and power through its application by relaxing and upon becoming rock hard solid at its point of impact, it delivered power and force unlike wielding an un-concentrated effort.

Putting this step into effect with steps 1 and 2, results in a technique that can knock someone’s block off or at the minimum shatter meat and bones.

Imagine, picturing in your mind’s eye, punching someone in the chest, that impact stops at the surface, through Visualization you have actually made contact with the spine. You Smelt the fear in your attacker as you, for a split second tensed your entire core on contact, you Saw the damage and penetration that came from the contact, you Felt the flesh wrap and turn (Rolling Contact) under your fist, you Heard the cracking and tearing of skin and bones while Tasting the delight of self preservation as this technique in a single movement brought an altercation to a halt.

How this principle can be related to life in my perception is basically, having a plan, sticking to it, following through with it until it’s completion and reveling in its accomplishment. This goes as well for the negative aspects of not being prepared for a situation or task. Starting something and not completing it. Nothing gets accomplished, therefore it is like throwing an open handed swat at an attacker, it does no damage and brings about defeat or devastating results.

To wrap up the four principles of execution, The Proper Execution of Life, comes

Step Four: For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction – I’ll switch gears here and give life’s perspective to this principle first. The title kind of sums it up. Ying, Yang, Up, Down, Give, Get, Good, Bad, Right, Wrong; However you want to look at it, our lives are full of reactions to our actions. When you do good things, somehow good things come back to you, vice/versa to the bad things one does in life. “What Comes Around, Goes Around”. So if your life is not going in the direction you wish it to be, then these principles of The Proper Execution of Life, may be some things you wish to implement into your life. As it applies to technique, it is very simple. It is simply the execution of techniques in a non stop equal onslaught of combinations.
When the left is thrown, as it is retracted, the right is being thrown. In and Out in sequence, Up and Down.

In summary, 1)Visualize; your path or project, see and feel it with all your senses, Visualize it’s completion. 2)Rolling Contact; have the flexibility to move with what life throws at you, the negative as well as the positive. Some people let success take them down. 3)Tension Upon Extension; relax and concentrate on goals in your life, go at them with consistency and purpose and see them through completion and 4)For Every Action, There Is An Equal And Opposite Reaction; Continue to purge through life one goal after another, constantly be working towards a better tomorrow, for yourself and the people around you. Teach others what works for you and help them work on themselves.

Be kind, considerate, compassionate, give way to the other guy, showing courtesy, manners and how if we all did the like, life would be Proper.

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