The Q ONNN Tayy Ooom

Sci – Fi has always captured the dreaming with eyes wide open human imagination with her siren song. She opens doors to levels of consciousness seeking the revelation and revolutionary experience of the emerging wakening of the higher self.

Are you ready to know where you come from and where you are going again and literally where you have always been? Are you ready to know what you are here to do? If yes is your answer, then prepare to let go of your reality because where we are going is not real; or is it?

Jump NOW from the cliffs of your imagination into the falls of pure consciousness and swim in the darkness of eyes closed down the black hole to experience the fable of origin’s destiny seeking experience of life in the light. Down, down, down; take the escalator to the simultaneous everywhere until all becomes calm, quiet and still, until only your breath and heart beat remain.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh — — . Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Thump, thump.

See without eyes flying circles of energized ribbons looming past and looming fast around and through you. Red ones, orange ones, yellow ones, green ones, blue ones, indigo ones, purples ones, and black ones that can only be seen passing by, around, and through the others.

Simultaneous existence communicates without corporal necessity singing one song. Listening to one voice hears all voices sing their song. We are one. We are you. You are we. We are all that is, has been and ever will be. We are the Q, the Q ONNN tayy ooom.

We are alive. We are dead. There is no difference. We are and we are not as you are and are not. We are and you are the Q, the Q ONNN tayy ooom.

When we first discovered our thought could burst forth into form, we caused the first worlds to be. We inhabited both form and formlessness simultaneously. We can be in multiple places simultaneously and do not know where we have caused form to be that we are not.

Creating fascinated us. We decorated the world with mountains, waters, and green life; then life that moves and thinks. Finally, we projected consciousness into a life form that is able to think about its own thoughts. These Q ONNN tayy ooom, we call the Q ONNN tayy ooom ONNN, our most developed host in form.

The Q ONNN tayy ooom ONNN believe they find themselves interesting as if they are distinct. They are feeble and fragile but adventurous thinking they think and do what they want. They believe they have an insatiable desire to learn of their own origins and knowing they can never know still search.

Cars pass an oblivious driver honking horns flipping them off while sitting at a red light in a daze with a book lying on the seat beside him entitled, the Quantum Man.

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