The Reel Mower

We finally purchased what they call a Reel lawn mower, not real!!! LOL Anyway, not only am I saving on gas but this mower is so quiet and peaceful, yet, I am getting the best exercise I could ever get without being bored. I have such a hard time with indoor exercise equipment so when I can I will take a walk in the woods or ride my bike. Since we bought the Reel mower I now have another alternative to exercising indoors!

My best friend can tag along!

Not only am I actually getting some work done, another benefit is that my dog can enjoy walking with me while I mow. When my husband would use the gas mower I had to make our Lab stay inside for fear that he would get hurt. Then I would have to listen to him wine the whole time.

Ouch! My shoulder!

Now that we purchased this reel mower I can enjoy mowing our grass without all the hassle of starting the lawn mower. In fact I cannot even start our gas mower! My shoulders just plain can’t take all that pulling and neither can my husband’s. Grant it that we do have 29 acres, but, only mow a small area around the house along with the sides of the driveway.

Great cardiovascular work out!

The type of exercise this reel mower offers is different than just walking because I have to use my upper body to push. However, it has strengthened my shoulders, legs and stomach! Also, it is definitely a good cardiovascular work out! While mowing I find myself doing the same type of deep breathing that I used to do when running years ago.

Fun while exercising!

Last but not least is the fun I have mowing and listening to all the creature noises around me. My granddaughter gets a big kick out of mowing with the reel mower because she says she can actually hear the slice, slice sound it makes as the blades of grass are being cut! Oh well, she is a teenager, you know!!!

Don’t let your grass get too long!

As long as you don’t let your grass or weeds grow more than 8 inches or so you should not have any problems! Also you will have better results if your grass is not too wet.

Well, maybe next year you might want to at least look into Reel Mowers!

Love to all my friends here on AC!

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