The Responsibility of Raising Godly Children

“I can’t wait until my “little tinkle bug” or “my little princess arrives” is what I recently heard an acquaintance say. I often cheese and chuckle at new parents; I remember their excitement all to well. The anticipation and anxiousness in the arrival of their precious bundle package becomes the topic of their daily conversations.

Parenting is a blessing, an awesome responsibility; yet at times, it can be difficult. I believe all parents; to a certain extent- discover themselves, saying, “I can’t wait until they become teenagers” and once they become teenagers- we start wishing they were infants again. To be more precise I believe that as parents we want to see our children grow up, but then, we become skeptical about them becoming adults and having to face the dangers and cruelties of this world. Simply we want to protect them even in their adulthood and as much as we want to keep them under our wings-, they were design to transform from infants to toddlers- toddlers – to children- children to pre-teens- preteens to teenagers- teenagers to young adults and young adults to full breed adults. We often forget we were once children. In Luke chapter 2: 48-50, Jesus earthly parents also struggled with his growing into maturity.

The responsibility of godly parents is to raise godly children. Raising godly children extends far beyond -modeling them in designer apparel, potty training, buying toys, birthday parties, teaching them to play peek-a-boo, training them to take their first steps and speak their first words or even investing into their educations.

Raising godly children, rather they are biological, adopted or stepchildren consist of the following:

Direct them in the ways of God.

Train them to develop a personal relationship with God so that He may unfold his plan to them.

Teach them how to make wise and godly decisions concerning finances, friendships, relationships, career choices etc.) (Proverbs 22:6).

Invest into their future and encourage them to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory (Proverbs 22:6)

God has designed each one with tailor made capabilities, potentials, talents and gifts. Invest in there spiritual lives, their education (help them choose electives in line with their talents, pay attention to their strengths in certain school subjects, support their God given dreams by purchasing inspirational books, supplies and products which will help develop their talents. Be spectators and cheerleaders at their games and events; place them in ministries that will boost their gifts and talents. (Example if your child have a singing talent direct him or her to the choir, if he or she have musical abilities inspire them to take music classes). Encourage them with words; speak life into their futures at all times. Most of all help them to better themselves by praying with and for them consistently. Every human has weaknesses and as parents, we must rely on God to aid us on how to help our children in their weak areas.

Teach them to love, trust and obey God and to apply his word to their daily circumstances (Deuteronomy 6:4-8) our children face more dangerous peer pressures and temptations than we can imagine. Idol gods are tugging for their attention and affections but we must teach them to love God more than the things he created. When challenges stare them in the face we must encourage them that God is always present and available to help them. Our duties are to inform them that obedience to God is a sign we love him. In conclusion, we must instill in them that God can be seen in things they least expect.

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photos by : Grietgriet & Melanie Herring

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