The Roles of the Ancient Egyptian God Set

Doesn’t matter what you call him: Set, Seth, Sut or Sety, he is known for Killing his brother. He was the son of Nut and Geb. He was the brother of Osiris, Isis and Nephthys . He was the god who made desert storms, thunderstorms, eclipses and earthquakes. He also represented the lands beyond the desert. Set is described as the god of storms, turmoil and rage. He was a very strong god, but you didn’t want to make him mad because he was dangerous, and strange at the same time. However, he was not the evil version of Satan. Set was a friend of the dead, protected the life of the desert by creating oases and palm trees. Set was also a friend of the pharaoh and he even protected the sun god Ra–despite the fact that he killed his brother. This didn’t seem to trouble the sun god Ra. Every night, Ra made his dangerous trip into the underworld on his solar boat. Set protected the solar boat and the god Ra against the attacks of Apep (the evil snake who wanted to kill the sun god)

Set was married to his sister Nephthys. Nephthys was not happy with the marriage. Set had many other wives. He lived in the Great Bear constellation. This area to the ancient Egyptians symbolized death. According to one myth, his other wife Taweret–the hippo goddess of childbirth kept Set chained to her side. He had two more wives: Anat and Astarte. However, Set was not able to have kids despite the fact that he had many wives–all of them were goddesses of childbirth. This was not good news for Set. Not having children was something considered to be very unlucky. To make things worse, Set lost one of his testicles while he was fighting for the throne of Egypt with Horus–the son of Osiris. He was also bisexual because he tried to rape his nephew Horus but failed.


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