Much as, it comes with, among others, the many disadvantages, like getting discouraged, and sometimes losing the will to live, being vindictive, in your bitterness, and spreading the virus to others, in a revenge spree, hating God and being eternally lost, losing your family dreams and maybe, giving up your career, thinking it’s not worth it, knowing your H.I.V status, is very important.

There are many facilities, available, that can enable you lead, a satisfactory life. Among others, are support groups, jobs-which can have your needs met, the law-ensuring, your rights are not abused, social post-test clubs and free medical care. You can only access these facilities, after knowing, your sero status, earlier enough.

Knowing your H.I.V status, earlier enough, can positively affect, your future decisions, about lifestyle, career and relationships. You can maximize, your opportunities, by carefully planning, your future. One of them, can be protecting, your loved ones, from the virus, if it’s not too late. The time, to write a will, and whatever you need; remembered, is just enough. In fact, there’s even time, to put right, your spiritual life, and prepare for eternity.

There’s, also room for saving, other people’s lives, by involving yourself, in the fight against AIDS. Your experience of positive living is a vital asset. For sure, you can be a resourceful partner, contributing, positively, to the development, of your area-when empowered and not a pitied victim.

Slimming, as a result, of H.I.V, is both painful and horrible. It comes, with even your own relatives, wishing you a quicker death, yet the world, still needs, you. You can only be sure, of a longer life, if you test for H.I.V, earlier enough

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