The Super Bowl 2012 Ads We Are Looking Forward to See on Super Bowl Sunday

According to a Yahoo! search, AdAge says that there are 36 companies from Honda to Disney that are spending up to $3.5 million dollars per 30 second Super Bowl XLVI commercial spot. It has been admitted though that not all are paying this price according to a Yahoo! search.

It seems that those companies from American Honda to the Walt Disney Company that are spending the money to put these spots on the air have been snake bit by so many bad commercial spots in the previous Super Bowl games. Yes, most of them are basically available online right now.

It seems they are so afraid that the commercials will be badly received that they have been getting as much free play as possible on news broadcasts and the internet to justify what they have done. They have sort of forgotten the idea is bring them out on Super Bowl Sunday and surprise us with how clever they are.

People used to watch the game that didn’t like football just to see the commercials. The commercials that were seen during the Super Bowl were classics from mean Joe Green to the singing frogs to the slightly naughty Go Daddy spots.

I have seen what has been shown and the H&M David Beckham underwear launch seems to be trying to ape Go Daddy, with Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels and body paint, whom is trying to ape itself in doing the same again and again because if it worked once it will work another 20 times. It doesn’t.

Every year we waited to see if the advertising community could out do itself with a new set of commercial spots for the Super Bowl. This year they seem to have totally run out of creative new ideas and falling back on the tried and true with stars from the past to try and make them work.

So what commercial spots are we waiting to see on Super Bowl Sunday that will be fresh and exciting? We’re thinking about turning on the Bollywood channel on the cable during the Super Bowl and seeing what commercials they are running because there is nothing running that is interesting on the game to watch.

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