The Temptations: I Wish it Would Rain

We probably by now know the story behind “I Wish It Would Rain” was supposedly based on the marital relationship, of writer Roger Penzabene, one of the writers, of the magnificent tune sung, by the legendary David Ruffin one of , the primary lead singers, of the Classic Five members, of the sixties Temptations. But, there’s more to the song co-written by Barrett Strong and their most famous producer besides Smokey Robinson known, as Norman Whitfield. Who seems to undersand that gospel feeling, of emotions deep within Ruffin’s voice?

From, the first “Mmmm” , of the song you can feel that emotional gospel tone, of the man many truly feel set the tone, of the style, of the Temptations. We proclaim Paul Williams, as the bluest singer, of the group. While others has elevated Davis Eli, Ruffin, as the soulest, of the soul, of the many singers, of the sixties. Who personally seems to model many, of their own hand movements upon the man?

Now, this isn’t the first song to seem like a gospel style song written around Ruffin’s voice. Smokey Robinson, wrote “Now That You Won Me” which mirror similar styling in the style that many gospel songs was sung, by the artists, of this era. David Ruffin sems to take words written and modified them according to the way the producer anted them to move te story, of the song. In, “Rain” you find sweet harmony, of Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, along with Otis Williams blending into this tune that is the flip side, of My Girl.

Where the sunshine was splendid in describing the love, of this lady? The sunshine is now the opposite, of love that once was geat. How much is based on the marital history, of Roger Penzabene will always be debated because many facts concerning Motown is worth debating? Obviously, the man contributed some great tunes, to the group’s catalog, by writing “You’re My Everything” and “I Could Never Love Another” with Barrett Strong and the former with Cornelius Grant, again with Norman Whitfield in the mixture, of the writers.

With, all these writers, the facts still remains that David Ruffin, as we known him the best couldn’t be matched, by any other singer, within Gordy’s stable, of singers. Well, I give credit to the Princess of Soul Gladys Knight and the Pips, who turned the song into a honest reading too.

On, an old espisode, of Shindig, you’ll find the “Fantastic Five” members soulfully singing a rendition, of “When The Saints Goe Marchin In”, with David Ruffin handling the lead vocals, as only he knew in singing a song. All, of his gospel training, learning, never left his heritage through all his trials and tribulations.

Talented, he was even, if he fought the establishment to stand alone and up to the executives that terminated him more, from the group than the rumors that the group fired him. To think, in many greatest hits collections produced on this group. None would be anything worthy, without him on he list. And, anything without “I Wish It Would Rain” in the group would be admitting you don’t know the multitude, of one main lead singer impression to the making, of the TEMPTATIONS.

Ruffin, is a true Temptation’s Forever legend.

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