The Tonys Win an Emmy

EMMY WINNERS ALREADY? Oh yes: Most of the Emmy Awards have already been handed out, but they saved the best for next Sunday. Or did they?
Here is a look at some of your 2011 Emmy winners which were awarded last night as part of the Creative Arts Emmy Awards:
– After it was announced last week that reality TV “stars” will not be able to get stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I chuckled. Those shows have invaded TV, whether we like them or not. My guess is people say they do not watch but quietly do. The Best Reality Series went to “Deadliest Catch” while host was given to Jeff Probst of “Survivor.” I have no comment on that because I do not watch them (not even quietly).
– While she is contagious in her latest movie, her guest appearance could be described that as well. I’m talking about Gwyneth Paltrow. She won the for Best Comedy Guest Actress in “Glee.” And she is darn good in it. Justin Timberlake gets it (yes, it) for “SNL.” The Best Comedy Guest Actor, that is.
– The death or still dead variety show award goes to The Kennedy Center Honors. Although I love these shows, many win by default. With that said (or written) I bring you the Best TV Movie/Mini Series for “The Kennedys” – – the show that got booted and aired on some channel hardly anyone wants or gets.
– It wasn’t “Family Guy” or “South Park” or even “The Simpsons,” as the Best Animated Program was handed to “Futurama.”
– Here is one that I’m pretty sure they made up to say TV for kids is well rounded. The Best Children’s Nonfiction Reality or Reality Competition Program goes to…wait, need a breather before this one …OK, ready: “Nick News With Linda Ellerbee: Under the Influence: Kids of Alcoholics”
– One award truly worthy was when “Gettysburg” nabbed the Best Non Fiction Special.
– I not even sure what this is but I pass it along anyway. Exceptional Merit in Non-Fiction Filmmaking was won by “Freedom Riders.”
– When award shows like The Tonys and the Oscars are up for these, it feels somewhat odd. They are awarding themselves, or they better give it to one or the other. Come on, they are both on TV yet are in theater and the movies. Wow, a long way top go to simply say Best Special Class Program was awarded to “65th Annual Tony Awards.” Here is the headline you can use to help prove the point: Tonys win an Emmy. The did give the Oscars one as well with Best Interactive Media for its show. And wait, these shows are all awarding themselves. Let’s move on.
– A note to the Oscar folk comes with this award. Best Stunt Coordination given to “Southland.” Yes, there has been a movement for some time to get this category recognized for movies.
– Best Casting awards for comedy went to “Glee” and drama was “Boardwalk Empire.”
And finally, because, frankly, there are way too many to go on and on. Plus, using finally and frankly in the same sentence means, it is time to go. The Best Commercial is “Born of Fire – Chrysler 200.”
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