The Top 5 Healthiest Things to Do at Work (That Will Keep You Fit)

For most people who own a desk job, work is a time of immense physical inactivity. Except for the occasional walking or stretching, many people are losing out on one of the very best times to get in shape! That’s right, there are numerous activities that can be done at work and are not only good from a health standpoint, but will keep you alert and sharp throughout the day.

*Take a quick run before you eat lunch.

Getting into the habit of going on a light jog during lunch hour before you eat is never a bad idea. Running will boost your metabolism, making it easier to burn off the calories from your lunch. Make sure that you do not push yourself too hard on your run, however, or you may get sick while you are eating. There is not a set distance that is good to run, however you should jog until you have worked up a light sweat. By getting into the habit of doing this, you will increase the amount off calories you burn per day, helping promote healthy weight loss. This is one of the best ways to lose weight at work, as the little bit you do every day adds up over time.

-Use an exercise ball as a chair.

Using an exercise ball as a chair may be one of the easiest yet most effective healthy working practices. Sitting on an exercise ball at your desk instead of a chair has countless benefits. First, you posture is improved when sitting on an exercise ball. This means that any chronic back pain you have will be reduced and you will not slouch as much while working. This healthy work practice also contributes to heart health and weight loss by subconsciously burning calories. In order to keep your balance, your abdominal muscles and stabilizer muscles are always active when you are sitting on an exercise ball. What’s more, because you are constantly using your abs, sitting on an exercise ball instead of a normal chair will help you come closer to having a nice toned six-pack.

-Take advantage of down time.

No matter what your job is, whether you are sitting at a computer or a reception desk, there will always be some bursts of down time where you do nothing but sit and wait. Instead of spending that time doing nothing, why not hop to the ground and do a few pushups or sit-ups? Having burst-workouts is a great way to increase your muscle mass and keep in shape at work. The best thing is, you can tailor this to your own wants and do bodyweight exercises based on the parts of your body you want to work out.

-Perform mini-workouts at your desk.

There are countless tools that can be used to help strengthen your muscles while you are working at your computer. Grip strengtheners are one of the easiest to use pieces of exercise equipment when you are at a desk. Simply squeeze the tool while you are working at your computer, reading an email or anything else where you have at least one hand free. An elastic band is also a good at-desk workout tool, and the amount of workouts you can do with one are limited by your creativity. Just look online or at a sports store for compact workout equipment, and think about what you can bring to work!

In the end, we can see that work is one of the best places to increase your overall physical health. The amount of workouts and exercises you can do are endless and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Also, exercising at work will keep your alertness up during the day and help you avoid that mid-afternoon crash! There is no reason not to take advantage of work to increase your health, and your life will be longer and more satisfying because of it.

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