The Top 5 Things Fans Will Miss About the Show ‘Chuck’

With the end of the TV series “Chuck” quickly approaching, nerds everywhere are scrambling to find a new show to take its place (in addition to “The Big Bang Theory” of course, as nerd shows are generally few and far between). As a resident nerd of the show “Chuck” myself, I can tell you that my Saturday mornings will never be the same again (I’m a DVR kind of guy and don’t usually have the opportunity to watch it live when it was on Friday nights this season, when it was on Monday I was usually watching it live though), as I would usually watch it followed by a little “Fringe” as well to completely nerd up my Saturday mornings. With that said, here are the top five things I am going to miss once “Chuck” heads to the big Buy More in the sky.

Agent Sarah Walker – Has a nerd ever gotten a girl hotter than Agent Sarah Walker on TV? Not only is she incredibly sexy, but throw in athletic, and capable of kicking butt in her highest of heels and you got most guy’s dream girl this side of Stacy Keibler (my personal dream girl, who also had a brief stint on “Chuck” as well coincidentally). There isn’t much Agent Walker isn’t capable of doing, plus she isn’t afraid to show off her body on screen, making her instant poster material for nerds everywhere to hang over their bed or, more accurately, in their basement where they most likely watch the show.

Colonel John Casey – Short of Jack Bauer, the baddest man on the TV planet has been Colonel John Casey over the past several years. Casey has been the backbone of the show, and no matter how big or small the problem is, he has always been willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. The Casey growl is something I look forward to every episode, and seriously, the man has killed literally hundreds of people over the course of the show with zero remorse, it really doesn’t get more badass than that.

The Product Tie-ins – Being that Subway saved the show from cancellation on several occasions, it’s more than understandable that every episode has the most random circumstance where someone gets to enjoy a delicious Subway sandwich. You can almost see the smirk on the actor’s face when they looked into the camera when they would say how delicious it was, and as a fan of Subway myself, I always appreciated the halfheartedly way the actors would deliver these lines. Even though they never really mention Best Buy by name, I always appreciated the subtle digs they had in comparison to the Geek Squad whenever the Nerd Herd would tackle a problem.

The Technology – What do all good nerds always love? That’s right, technology. The futuristic stuff they have on “Chuck” satisfies the nerd in all of us, and while the equipment on the show is completely unrealistic (at least at this point in time), it is nice to think that it could be some day. Even as a regular family man, ever since “Chuck” has been on the air it has instantly become my dream to become the intersect, if for no other reason than to become the ultimate fighting champion (or maybe something safer like darts or golf, and not in the dangerous world of spying).

Charles Bartowski – Even though Chuck can be annoying at times, Chuck is the everyman all nerds aspire to be. While the premise of the show is completely ridiculous (most of the time at least), it’s at least fun to think that there is a little Chuck in all of us, and that is really what made the show enjoyable to watch. Watching the show, we all think we can be Chuck, and we kind of get to see the show through his eyes which is why the loyal fans like me keep coming back week after week. Chuck might not be the best character on the show, but at the very least, he was the one that 98% of the fans could relate to the best (although there are probably more Morgan Grimes out there than people would be willing to admit to) and was just a genuine good guy. There is nothing wrong with being a Chuck, he makes a lot of the same decisions that most of us would make, and at the end of the day while most of us would love to be Captain Awesome, having to settle for being Chuck is a pretty good consolation prize.

Suffice it to say, I will miss having Chuck on my DVR, as there probably won’t be any shows like it in the foreseeable future, and to me that’s sad. It’s really a shame that some shows never get the chance to show their greatness, and if nothing else I’d like to thank Subway for supporting Chuck for as long as it did. As a show of support, I’m going to enjoy a delicious, mouth-watering, incredibly valued Subway sub for lunch today as I would plead with all Chuck fans do so as well.

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