The Walking Dead, Season Two: Mid Season Finale Recap

Last night AMC aired the mid season finale of The Walking Dead. This final episode, until February, pieced together a lot of the mysteries and loose ends that we have been wondering about throughout the season.

First of all, I’m seriously depressed that after only seven episodes we have to wait until February for more. I felt this way with season one as well, we bought it on DVD and didn’t realize it was only six episodes.

Anyhow, on with the recap! I recently wrote an article on my predictions for season two. Well, one of my predictions was dead wrong. (pardon the pun) Ohhh, I hate being wrong! I predicted that the little girl, Sophia, would be found alive. Sophia has been missing almost the whole season and part of the reason they have continued to stay at the farm. So, anyway, I was totally wrong. Zombie! She was one of the bunch of zombies that Hershel was keeping in the barn. Can you believe that?

In the last episode, Laurie finally came clean with Rick about being pregnant. Thank goodness, that was starting to make me furious when she was accusing him of keeping secrets. Well, she tells him about being with Shane before they knew Rick was still alive and Rick takes this news well. Surprisingly, I actually thought he was going to freak out about it.

So in the mid season finale, Rick tells Shane about Laurie, then Shane goes and talks to Laurie and Laurie tells him that even if the baby is indeed his, it will still be Rick’s. This is a blow to Shane because he is such a control freak.

Right before all this happened Glen told everyone about the barn full of walkers, so the news about Laurie and her putting him in his place caused him to go crazy. He went for his guns, which all happen to be missing. Shane quickly figures out that it was Dale who took the guns, and then followed Dale out into the swamp and they have a sort of stand-off where they threaten each other a lot.

So, Shane gets back to the farm and sees Hershel and Rick bringing in walkers that had been stuck in the swamp. Hershel thinks of the walkers as people because he knew all the walkers in the barn. He thinks they are just sick.

When Shane sees the walkers he runs over there demanding to know what’s going on and then proceeds to shoot one in the head. And then…he runs over to the barn and let’s out the other walkers while everyone is screaming at him not to. The walkers come out, everyone shoots them, Hershel and the others are freaking out because their family and friends, in their eyes, are being murdered. The last one out of the barn is Sophia, letting us know (finally) that she is a zombie. Rick is the one who ends up having to shoot her.

It was a very sad moment for all, especially Sophia’s mother.

Before all the dramatic stuff, Glen and Maggie made up and were getting along. Maggie is really torn between both groups of people. She doesn’t want to betray her father, yet she wants Glen’s group to stay.

This is where we are left…wondering what is going to happen now that the group has defied Hershel’s wishes on his own property by killing all the walkers. Wondering what Shane is going to do as the thought of the baby being his drives him even more crazy. Wondering if the group is going to move on…or stay.

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