These iPad-Owning Lapdancers Want to Invade Your iPhone with Saucytime

Saucytime is the latest company to pair sex with Apple’s handy videoconferencing technology FaceTime.

Apple’s desire to keep their devices G-rated hasn’t kept adult chat services from trying. But iP4Play, the first company to launch a porn chat service over FaceTime went bust after just a few months, citing low FaceTime adoption.

The latest come-hither chat service is the UK-based Saucytime. To my American ears, the name promises more Benny Hill-esque titillation than graphic raunch. That’s intentional, says co-founder Lei.

She describes herself as a student at the University of Leeds who moonlights lap dancing. “Most of the time guys come in for a chat on their own and just like the company and attention, it’s mainly the drunk groups of blokes that are only interested in one thing. That was my least favorite part of the job,” she told Cult of Mac.

Realizing that providing hands-off company for clients would be a sweet spot, she gathered some fellow dancers, found a backer, and six months later, Saucytime was born.

It’s a fully-integrated, iPad-optimized webapp with a full billing system and SMS integration for bookings. The dancers communicate with customers using iMessage (all the models have iPad2 with iOS5) so the models can chat to their fans when not available.

Although she expertly shimmies away from numbering how many calls they’ve had since the service launched two weeks ago, so far they’ve connected with clients in 88 countries worldwide, she tells us.

Just how saucy the calls get all depends on you, she says.

Q: There’s a friendly, girl/guy next-door vibe to the site, different from more explicit adult sites – how intentional is that?

Lei, Saucytime: That was the whole idea behind the platform and I’m glad that comes across. I felt it was important to promote the girls as personalities and individuals rather than one dimensional ‘models’ so all the bio information is absolutely genuine. We have recruited the girls as much for their personalities as much as for their looks and focusing only on their sexual preferences rather does them a disservice. During my career as a lap dancer, I was hearing a lot of men that they were actually just bored of explicit content and ‘extreme’ material which seems the norm now actually turned them off. If guys just want to talk about sex that’s fine but that isn’t always the case, most prefer to get to know you a bit and build things up from there. There are a million websites and cam sites that cater to the more unnatural tastes and that’s not what we are about.

Q: What do you charge for the calls?

A: There is only a call charge for the actual video call, which is £2 / $3.10 per minute. We offer our customers access to our models via iMessenger / email. This is really useful for both the girls and guys as they can get to know each other better and we do not charge for this service. The calls are billed discretely to credit cards.

Q: The first adult FaceTime service flopped citing low adoption of FaceTime; how worried are you that it won’t catch on enough to sustain business?

A: The number of FaceTime devices has increased quite significantly over the past 12 months and is set to increase further. I think it is less likely to fail now as the awareness of FaceTime grows and also as more devices become FaceTime enabled. The costs associated with the project were also all front-loaded and the girls and guys are not yet reliant upon this as a their sole source of income, but rather to supplement their tuition fees or income from modeling so are less likely to leave.
Most importantly they actually enjoy meeting new people and making new friends and being involved. You just never know who you are going to meet next!

Are the girls and guys available for same sex chats?

A: Absolutely. There is no discrimination here. We have even had couples call in together. Very saucy!

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